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Pierre Péters Blanc de Blanc Cuvée de Réserve Grand Cru MAGNUM NV

Chardonnay from France, Côte des Blancs, Champagne


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There's a purity & intensity about this wine that combined with the juicy acid is so so satisfying!


The Côte des Blancs is home to all the great Chardonnay vineyards in Champagne. The Grand Cru vineyards are the best of these. When I worked at Legras et Haas, the Grand Cru Chardonnay was exceptional. I was blown away just tasting the juice. The quality of this wine reminds me of that oh so delicious juice!

Péters’ flagship Champagne is a blend of 100% Grand Cru Chardonnay spanning more than 20 years of harvests and is exclusively composed of Chardonnay from Grand Cru villages in the Côte des Blancs. Their perpetual reserve of wines, started in 1988, is inspired by the Soléra Method and is enriched with more than 20 different vintage years.

Reserve Wine: 40% Dosage : 6 to 7 g / L  Available in 750ml!

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

About Pierre Péters

The Pierre Péters estate, situated in the heart of the “Côte des Blancs” in the village of Le Mesnil sur Oger, has been a family house for six generations and has produced Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Champagnes since 1919.

In the Vineyard

Pierre Péters has developed from generation to generation, its own selection of grapes (mass selection). We have been able to maintain and age vineyards which are now 30-years old on average. Each year in respect of the environment, we adapt our cultivation methods to obtain healthy grapes so that our Champagne expresses more precisely the richness, subtlety and the elegance of the great “terroirs” of the Côte des Blancs.

Their vineyard, of just over 19 hectares, is located primarily in the area of the “Côte des Blancs” and more specifically in the villages of Mesnil sur Oger, Oger, Cramant and Avize. These great terroirs (soils), located a few miles south of Epernay lay on a chalky outcrop which is a real water tank. The hillside vines are oriented to the east which protects them against the westerly winds. Aware of our precious vineyards, we use sustainable farming methods with the aim to produce the finest grapes while respecting our land, the environment and nature.

Les Chétillons

This is the name of our special vintage which refers to a beautiful “lieu-dit”, a place found in the Grand Cru village of le Mesnil sur Oger. We own three plots of old vines (aged over 45 years), acquired in 1930. Each parcel is vinified separately and blended to produce a single vineyard vintage. All the power and the minerality of  the Mesnil’s calcareous soil is expressed in this wine produced since 1971. Its reputation has surpassed our borders and even Michael Edwards himself describes  Les Chétillons as “one of the most beautiful pieces of land of Champagne.”

In the Winery

After a careful monitoring of the maturity of our vineyards, whole bunches of grapes are harvested by hand and transported carefully to the press.

Pressing is slow in order to split and isolate the juice of most interest for the development of our vintages.

The Chardonnay, a white grape vine, brings finesse to Champagne tasting and presents characteristics that vary greatly depending on soil that breeds it. That is why our house selects grapes, insulates the press juice to obtain the characteristics of minerality, citrus and finesse that belong to Champagne Pierre Péters.

Fermentations are operated in small stainless steel tanks under controlled temperatures and whose content is clearly identified by reference of the soil and fractions.

Raised on the lees, the wines are tasted regularly to ensure their development and prepared for the assembly of the different vintages.

“Cuvée de reserve” marries the clear wines of the year to an assembly of more than 15 years of reserve wines.

The “millesimes” are produced from our most beautiful “crus” and only with the best years.

These wines are blended, then bottled and stored in cellars for a second fermentation and a slow maturation.

After this long period of rest, Champagne is disgorged (elimination step of yeast sediment). As with all good champagne dosage is low..

Where in the World is Pierre Péters?

The Pierre Péters estate, situated in the heart of the “Côte des Blancs” in the village of Le Mesnil sur Oger with additional vineyards in Oger, Avize and Cramant.

The map below shows the main sub-regions of Champagne

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From left to right Champagne vineyards by Soil Type, Aspect and Dominant Varietal

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Where in the world does the magic happen?

Champagne Pierre Peters, Rue des Lombards, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, France

Côte des Blancs