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Château Pierre-Bise Savennières ‘Clos de Coulaine’ 2018

The extra couple of years here gives us an idea of where the 2020 Roche Aux Moines will head. Honeyed, lemon, baking spices a little of the lanolin character that seems to come through in Chenin from Anjou-Samur. Again the transparency of pear fruit with textural phenolic elements at play. Divine wine. Thirst quenching and delicious.
$56ea in any 3+
$53ea in any 6+

Domaine du Closel Savennières ‘La Jalousie’ Chenin Blanc 2016

This is where it's at! Simply put, superb drinking. The harmony and personality, the energy and layered complexity, the mouthfeel and lingering joy. Wow. The fruit profile here is entrancing, seamlessly integrated with so many wonderful secondary aromas. A faint hint of lanolin that wool like note, baking spices, a little earthiness. Pear, quince, apricot, jasmine and so much more. This is such a pleasure to drink. The freshest and zippiest of the three styles with a mineral, slightly chalky fee
$83ea in any 3+
$79ea in any 6+

Château Pierre-Bise Savennières ‘Roche aux Moines’ 2020

Wine of personality keep on coming from Savennieres. Lythe, transparent fruit. Dry with pear, baking spice and candied citrus peel. Somehow they have managed to combine a weightless feel with the depth of fruit,a little phenolics and glycerol making for a luscious caress of the tongue. A fine wine that as with all dry Chenin will need a couple of years to start expressing itself in full. I can see why the 2018 managed to score 1 of just 50 wines in show out of almost 19,000 at Decanters 2021 Awa
$83ea in any 3+
$79ea in any 6+

Domaine du Closel Savennières ‘Les Caillardières’ Chenin Blanc 2016

Fascinating transition to different geology and a different style. It caresses your tongue like having a silk sheet gently floated over you. You must be patient here. On first pour nutty, yeast lees dominates the nose. In time it subsides and the fruit lifts pulling it into balance. I concur with Evelyn's discriptors of baked apple, exotic fruits, raisins and toasted almonds with a graceful silvery line of bitterness. There is much, much more going in. A wine that entrances.
$100ea in any 3+
$95ea in any 6+