We’ve overcomplicated wine.

There are too many words that just don’t make sense.

Sure, it’s like anything, you do need to get the basics.

This all changes NOW with Wine Decoded’s Tasting Revolution!

It’s not really a Revolution, more a case of Back to the Future before all the guff came into the game.

Free to Wine Decoded Members, you get access to 5 short, interactive videos explaining the 5 things you need to know to taste wine.

Get Started

Here at Wine Decoded, we don’t believe in watching people taste wine. You’ll only have fun if you’re tasting wine!

Each session we’ll set you up to taste wines giving you real-world experience to make it easier to understand what we’re talking about. You’ll be able to use wine you’ve got around the house, or, preferably you can buy some from us! 😉

Our approach is based on 25 years of experience with wine, 15 years making it, a degree in Winemaking, completing the invite-only Advanced Wine Assessment Course targeted at Wine Show Judges and tasting 10,000’s of wines from around the world.

This is not about marketing, this is about yumminess.

You won’t find any “High Pixel Tannins” or “Scent of a Siberian Hampster” here!

By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be tasting wine using the same technique we use when ploughing through the 1,000’s of wine we taste to find yumminess to put in the Wine Decoded Shop.

To help you remember, while you practice “Wine Tasting” we’ll send you our Wine Decoded Tasting Revolution card with the 5 things you need to know to taste wine on the back!

It’s really much simpler than we make it!

We’re going to demystify Wine Tasting. It’s not rocket science!

  • You’ll crawl before you can walk and then you’ll become a superhero … whatever that is for you.
  • We’ll give you a universal way of talking about wine that is simple and makes sense for anyone.

We’ll Help You

  • Learn the basic wine language – We’re building an index of Wine Words for you that are highlighted where ever they appear in the Wine Decoded Playgound. Simply hover over them and a definition will be provided.
  • Develop a central reference in your brain for what actually makes truly yummy wine. It does take time and lots of practice … hey some one’s got to do it!

We’re going to give you an understanding of the 5 things you need to know to understand wine!

What we are not going to do

  • Cover wine faults and flaws. We’ll save those for another time.
  • It’s more important that you look for the good things about wine first!