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Oddero Dolcetto d’Alba 2022

Dolcetto | Piedmont, Barolo

Oddero have balanced the development of their Dolcetto beautifully. An excellent rendition of Dolcetto - complex with crunch and refined tannins. A little darkness, perfume spice and beyond. The texture and work to get through this through puberty is clear. Complete and delicious. I explored the reductive and raw nature of lesser Dolcetto wines with Pietro in our discussion below.
$45ea in any 3+
$42ea in any 6+
Bring Me the Truffles!

Cavallotto Dolcetto d’Alba Vigna Scot 2021

Dolcetto | Piedmont, Barolo

Dolcetto translates roughly to sweetish. Many Dolcettos are raw fruit bombs, this by contrast is some seriously well made wine! Excellent élévage wonderful freshness and development delicious, layered, & earthy. Beautifully weighted. Stunning wine. Lovely acid. Savoury with dark and red fresh fruit ~ mulberry. If you want to know how serious Cavallotto is about Dolcetto, they planted it on the hillside between Bricco Boschis and Monprivato/Codana. That, my friends, is a site with pe
$50ea in any 3+
$47ea in any 6+

Figli Luigi Oddero Langhe Nebbiolo 2019

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barolo

An excellent introduction to the Nebbiolo's of Luigi Oddero. Beautifully made. The Figli Luigi Oddero 2019 Langhe Nebbiolo is fresh and immediate, showing brightness and nice primary intensity. It reveals easy tones of redcurrant, dried violet and potting soil. The wine is simple and compact and not especially complex. The desired intent here is easy-drinking appeal, and that goal is happily achieved. Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate
$71ea in any 3+
$67ea in any 6+

Figli Luigi Oddero Langhe Nebbiolo 2020

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barolo

Serious Langhe playing at Barolo level. Poured blind I'd more than likely say it was at Barolo level. Excellent acid wonderful core of fruit, flowing with excellent shape. A vibrancy and energy with fruit weight toward La Morra sources. Outstanding aroma and flavour profile. Layered and complex earthy and truffled. Open and approachable. A serious wine & a wonderful expression of Nebbiolo. The textural elements in the Oddero wines just keep getting better and better year after year.
$83ea in any 3+
$79ea in any 6+

Margherita Otto Langhe Nebbiolo 2019

Nebbiolo | Serralunga d'Alba, Italy

2019 is the first vintage of Langhe Nebbiolo to be produced. It is made from a small part of vines registered as Nebbiolo Langhe in the Vignane MGA (in Barolo, next to Castellero) as well as some declassified fruit from the Barolo parcels. In 2019, the Nebbiolo was fermented on skins for about 10 days before being racked to preserve fruit and freshness. It went through malo in steel and was transferred to a single 1000L Mittelberger botti for aging. This is super fresh and aromatic with Baro
$87ea in any 3+
$83ea in any 6+

Margherita Otto Langhe Nebbiolo 2020

Nebbiolo | Serralunga d'Alba, Italy

"Lustrous mid ruby. Exciting aromatic cherry nose with hints of oatmeal. Great purity. Sappy, juicy cherry fruit and cracking tannins. Great length and aromatic build up on the finish." Walter Speller, Jancis
$88ea in any 3+
$84ea in any 6+
One for the Neb Heads!

Cascina Pugnane Barolo ‘Pugnane’ 2016

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Castiglione Falletto

This has to rate as one of the best value Neb's on the market! It was Giusseppe Rinaldi that told Giorgio of the beauty of the wines from Cascina Pugnane. It's rare to find 2 Barolo around $100 that are such excellent drinks. There's a lovely density to this wine, savoury with dark cherries, dusty tannins and great length to this wine. A little edginess gives it personality, a vibrant line of acid tames the almost inky fruit. Plenty of layers of earthiness and woody herbs. Pure, joyful Neb! I
$111ea in any 3+
$106ea in any 6+
Rocche showing the site with faded flowers, a build in tannins here over the Villero adds a significant structural element, the long even shape is present as in past years. Youthful tension and tannins will need time to relax. Wonderful nose of intensity with great depth, rich, brooding, it’s starting to offer quite a lot. Serious with delicacy.  Excellent line, length and balance. Red fruits, chocolate, faded flowers, savoury licks, great drive and persistence. GW: Ripe raspberry, dri
$135ea in any 3+
$131ea in any 6+

Cascina Fontana Barolo 2016

Nebbiolo | La Morra, Italy

Undoubtedly the best Fontana Barolo Classico I’ve had! Brooding yet open - perhaps explained by the mix of Castiglione Falletto (brooding) and La Morra (open) fruit. Undoubtedly the best Fontana Barolo Classico I’ve had. A little sappy, resinous (in a nice way)  layer of tannin combines with ripe even line of nutty tannin, fruit comes, building through the mid palate and lingers. This just needs time. It has that Castiglione Falleto youthful brooding nature to it. Give it a couple of yea
$135ea in any 3+
$130ea in any 6+
A Masterpiece!

Figli Luigi Oddero Barolo 2017

Nebbiolo | Serralunga d'Alba, Barolo

A blend of fruit from 30% La Morra’s Rive, 30% Castiglione Falletto’s Scarrone, & 40% Serralunga’s Baudana & Broglio. Aged in new 75-85HL Gamba botti for 26 months. "Rose, ripe berry, menthol and sunbaked earth aromas come to the forefront. On the full-bodied palate, enveloping, seasoned tannins accompany dried black cherry, star anise and tobacco. Drink 2024–2029." Kerin O'Keefe
$143ea in any 3+
$138ea in any 6+
The Super Stars!
Brooding and dark, bold structure, while still being supple. There's a trick! Tightly coiled it progressively opened. This will be a special wine in time. So much going on! Fabulous, both in itself and as a contrast to Villero. Where Villero is delicate and persistent, all finesse, Rocche is much more forceful with a similar range of characters. Everything is darker, deeper and more. The glory of this pre-eminent cru is the combo of style and power; how such waves and complexities stay in such l
$144ea in any 3+
$139ea in any 6+
The Bold!

Giovanni Sordo Barolo ‘Parussi’ 2015

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barolo

Showing tannins of Castiglione Falletto, even and long. Darker and brooding. This is going to a cracker in time. Was immense after a day in the glass! This is the darkest of the 4 Castiglione cru, with its dark red fruits of cherry and cranberry. It usually shows more immediate plummy ripeness and overt generosity, but this time it’s more tightly wound. Plenty of texture and flavour, but needs time. A beauty.
$144ea in any 3+
$139ea in any 6+
The Bold!

Giovanni Sordo Barolo ‘Parussi’ 2016

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barolo

Opulent with again a step up in structure. Broody on the palate, should develop beautifully. Earthy delicious and just so much pleasure to be had. Opulent with again a step up in structure. Broody on the palate, should develop beautifully. As David puts it, it’s chubby. Immediate generosity on the nose. So much aroma and flavour. Mid-palate fruit weight here is insane. Rich and chocolatey with savoury dark fruit, hints of that faded flowers and tobacco. Earthy delicious and just so much pleasu
$144ea in any 3+
$139ea in any 6+
The Super Stars!
Again a controlled, blockbuster, with layers of dried and fading flowers, tobacco, cranberry and cherry liqueur. Huge, almost sweet palate. Long, but tight and relatively unevolved still, of course. Will be superb again. Such a complete wine yet tightly coiled and the moment, everything in it’s place and place for everything. Incredible tannin profile this year. Such lovely ripe nutty tannins of serious depth. The core of fruit is exceptional and long. Mouth filling, I so want to see a bottle
$144ea in any 3+
$139ea in any 6+
Wow! A sensational Rocche. At this early stage in its life it sit with harmony, together. Expressive, a long even palate, stunning tannins that caress. The perfume is intoxicating, faded flowers of Castiglione Falletto. A superb core of fruit of exceptional length. Year in year out this is in the top 3 of Sordo 8 Barolo Crus. It looks like this year will be no different. Savoury, a little salty and earthy. This will be long lived. Beautifullly composed
$149ea in any 3+
$144ea in any 6+

Figli Luigi Oddero Barolo 2013

Nebbiolo | Serralunga d'Alba, Barolo

Luigi Oddero's 2013 Vigna Rionda is amongst the best Barolos I've devoured playing right at the Burgundian end of the Barolo spectrum. Having drunk 2004, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Barolos and Nebbiolos from the estate there's a consistency and excellence through the wines and the years. Maker! Maker! Maker! Dante Scaglione, still consulting to Bruno Giacosa, was in charge of making in 2013, joined shortly after by Francesco Versio. Both have incredible touch and the abi
$153ea in any 3+
$146ea in any 6+