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Weinbach Les Vignes du Prêcheur 2021

White Blend | France, Alsace

The Preachers Vines – Delicious wine. The non-Riesling component co-ferment field blend shines. Perhaps an unfair statement given the harmonious nature of the wine. Perceived higher alcohol that works in this context driving through the finish with spice. 8 months on lees adding texture and complexity. Heaps of oily phenolics, super complex and perfumed, spiced and baking spice and almost peppery edge, heading down the pear. Fruit tapers a little to finish. Gee it’s a fun wine. You co
$74ea in any 3+
$71ea in any 6+

Weinbach Grand Cru Furstentum Pinots 2021

White Blend | France, Alsace

Lovely perfume, faint line of lanolin / wet wool. Restrained and sophisticated lovely mid-palate, graceful yet powerful. Such incredible harmony, this is insanely good. So much going on here. Morphs and evolves in the glass, pear with a savoury layer and beyond reminds me to some degree of the Gobelsburg 3 year in style. Seriously impressive gear. “This effortlessly integrates the rich and creamy, spicy and textural sides of Alsace wines to create a powerful yet animating whole. Lot
$210ea in any 3+
$200ea in any 6+