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Spinifex Grenache+ Rosé 2018

Grenache | Barossa, Australia

In Pete's words "Have a quick look & just hook it! All of the Spinifex wines are just fun! Beautifully crafted and loaded with personality. They can be playful and ready to just enjoy without getting too cerebral like this spicy Rosé. Equally, they can be serious when they need to be. No matter which they always have a great core of fruit as their backbone.
$25ea in any 6+
$23ea in any 12+

Rieslingfreak No.3 Clare Valley 2021

Riesling | Eden Valley, Australia

Made from the family vineyard, White Hutt, Clare Valley. The heavy red clay soils contribute to the fruit intensity of this wine. According to winemakers John and Belinda Hughes, No.3 is a fruit driven style of Riesling. Classic flavours of this vineyard include ripe lemon and limes and some melon and tropical fruit notes.  The Riesling drinks well young, but will also reward with cellaring. Complete the set. We also have Rieslingfreaks No.2 and No.4 from 2021.
$26ea in any 6+
$24ea in any 12+
Meet the future of McLaren Vale

Bondar Fiano 2020

Fiano | South Australia, Australia

Fiano - A little bit of Italy that has made it's way to Australia! Fiano one of those Italian varieties that just seems to work in the warmer regions of Australia. It holds it's acid, giving the wines great texture and balance, the flavours from the skins are superb, spice and all things nice. It has just a slight silvery line of bitterness to finish, common to so many good Italian whites, which perfectly cleans the finish and marries it to food beautifully.
$27ea in any 6+
$25ea in any 12+
Meet the future of McLaren Vale

Bondar Rayner Vineyard Grenache 2016

Grenache | McLaren Vale, Australia

Grenache is Back Baby! ... and in Style! So many good wines coming out of Aus! 20 years ago making wines like these would have made you an outcast in McLaren Vale. Times have changed, and, I'm glad they have. Andre & Silena's Rayner Vineyard Grenache (Check out their review in 1min) shows a level of sophistication and rich core of fruit, perfectly balanced with the kind of quality tannins that you can only get from old vines, we're talking 45+ years.
$38ea in any 6+
$36ea in any 12+
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Vanguardist Grenache Mourvèdre Rosé 2022

Rosé Blend | McLaren Vale, Australia

"Pale spicy, dusty and gently earthy, fennel and pink grapefruit, redcurrant, fruit a little down low, texture up. Very zesty, a lot of pink grapefruit and bloody orange, tangy, quite bony, fine dusty texture and grip. though a gentle creaminess to it, and savoury too, lots of sappy and citrus flavours on a long finish. It seems to be built for ageing, though you can serve it now too, cool but not cold! Drink: 2024-2034" Gary Walsh TWF 94 Points
$44ea in any 3+
$41ea in any 6+

Wendouree Muscat of Alexandria 2016 2017 2018

Muscat of Alexandria | South Australia, Australia

AP Birks Wendouree Cellars produce some of the very few wines I’ll buy without tasting! The wines are something special. A celebration of an incredible old vineyard with plantings from the late 1800s. Tony & Lita are custodians of something truly special! From Muscat vines planted in the 1940s. I grab a few bottles of this every now and then. It's a deliciously perfumed, sweet drink. Always vibrant and fresh, a lovely spice, and silvery line of bitterness. Put a few years of bottle a
$52ea in any 3+
$49ea in any 6+
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Vanguardist ‘MVG’ Grenache 2020

Grenache | McLaren Vale, Australia

Another superb wine taking Aussie Grenache to a whole new level! Excellent texture, lovely fine,plush, front mid-palate tannin. Spiced, cinnamon, cardamon, beautifully layering in earthy and savoury secondaries. Like all his wines this has an exceptional core of juicy fruit. So much fun to be had. Hints of pepper and violets wrap around it. Beautiful oak handling and exceptional élévage.
$56ea in any 3+
$53ea in any 6+

Tapanappa Tiers Vineyard 1.5m Chardonnay 2022

Chardonnay | Picadilly Valley, Australia

The build in intensity of this very complete wine is clear. Yes the acid is there, it has the depth and length to hold it. The mid-palate weight is exceptional and oak use (⅓ new) refined, layered and harmonious. Perfumed with white flowers, a little baking spice crème pat. Super citrus, white grapefruit and stunning intense lime. Tasting the 3 side by side as a great way to explore depth, length and shape of fruit. The separator from so many Chardonnays on the market is the texture,
$58ea in any 3+
$55ea in any 6+
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Vanguardist ‘MVG’ Grenache 2021

Grenache | South Australia, Australia

Another superb wine taking Aussie Grenache to a whole new level! "Raspberry steeped in liqueur, plenty of perfume, lots of spice, almond paste. Medium-bodied, raspberry and subtle earthiness, firm pumice stone tannin, lots of crunch, hazelnut and crisp red berries, very bright and long. Some tea and tobacco savoury stuff. Such an excellent wine. Structural but ripe. The quality of tannin is outstanding. Serve it in a big Burgundy glass! Drink 2024-2034." Gary Walsh TWF 97 Points
$66ea in any 3+
$63ea in any 6+
🧠+❤️= 💯

Vanguardist Mourvèdre 2021

Mourvèrdre | McLaren Vale, Australia

"Plenty of spice, white pepper, blue flowers, red and blue fruits, a subtle honey nut and grilled meat character. It’s bright, all boysenberry and blueberry, only medium-bodied, crisp and lively, a slatey/mineral character to acidity, fine dusty concrete tannin, sappy dried herb stuff, pulling crunchy and red fruited on a long finish. Wonderful level of energy and vibrant feel here. It showed no sign of tiring after being open for two days either. Drink: 2024 - 2032+" Gary Walsh TWF 95 Poi
$66ea in any 3+
$63ea in any 6+

Aphelion Brini Single Vineyard Grenache 2021

Grenache | South Australia, Australia

Eucalypt / menthol with a little musk on quite classic Grenache flavours with a little bubble gum, rhubarb, candied citrus peel, baking spice. Perhaps feeling the most complete at the moment. It will be interesting to see how all 3 develop over time. With excellent length and palate weight.

Aphelion Wait Single Vineyard Grenache 2021

Grenache | South Australia, Australia

A riper fruit profile. Whilst richer it retains freshness. A little more grip building here. A graphite, mineral feel. Just the slightest touch of raisining in a good way. Violets on red fruit, a little more darkness and baking spice here with blood orange citrus. As it settles in the glass all things fall into place and it builds a charming elegance.

Aphelion Trenery Single Vineyard Grenache 2021

Grenache | South Australia, Australia

Fascinating set of three wines. The Trenerry is the most perfumed roses, a little menthol, on red fruits, rhubarb and a little orange citrus. Fine, delicate and Pinotesque. Herbal stalk spice with a little grip from stalk tannin. Playful and fun. Fruit builds depth and length in the glass. A freshness, lively acidity and perfume. It will be fascinating to see how this resolves and builds in the bottle over the coming years.

Alkina ‘Old Quarter’ Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2019

Rhône Blend | Barossa, Australia

The step up in sophistication from the Field blend is clear. There’s more composure. The line and length are on show. Harmony and shape to the palate. The finish here sees excellent persistence. This could easily give a quality CndP a run for it’s money. You can feel the energy. A very complete wine with a lot going on. The acid is finer, the palate together. The whole bunch tannins more elegant. This is a triumph. Coming back to this bottle after it had been open under Coravin for a coup
$100ea in any 3+
$95ea in any 6+

Tapanappa Tiers Vineyard Chardonnay 2022

Chardonnay | Picadilly Valley, Australia

The evenness of the weight through the palate is exceptional. The textural finesse and length outstanding. Layered beautiful wine. Stunning build of flavour and intensity with chalky fine acid. Incredibly complete and harmonious. Restraint with power. Now there's a trick! The 2022 Tapanappa Chardonnays are superb wines that will age beautifully. Looking forward to see what they look like in 5-10-20 years. This is an exceptional wines that will challenge many a village wine from Puligny &
$104ea in any 3+
$99ea in any 6+

Aphelion Rapture Grenache 2021

Grenache | South Australia, Australia

Wow there is some zip. The blend is more than the sum of its parts. The different perfumes: violets and fading flowers, fruits: red, rhubarb, blood orange, a little musk, spice and beyond marry offering a complex profile. The build in tannin across the palate is fine yet not insignificant. There is more immediate harmony and expression than with the single vineyard wines. Darkness with freshness. The refreshing, thirst quenching nature of the wine is once again a demonstration of the shift from