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Gunderloch Jean Baptiste Riesling Kabinett 2019

I love seeing Kabinett styles from the different regions of Germany. Gunderloch's from the Rheinhessen is an absolute cracker!
$36ea in any 3+
$34ea in any 6+

Gunderloch Als Wär’s Ein Stück Von Mir Riesling 2019

A previous vintage of this wine was Johannes' 1st chance to make a wine on his own. Its success marked the changing of the baton from his father who granted him full control of all winemaking after tasting it!
$40ea in any 3+
$38ea in any 6+
Simply Sublime!

Keller Grüner Silvaner Trocken 2020

Making mind-blowing Riesling isn't the only thing the Klaus-Peter Keller excels at; his Silvaner is a testament to his skill as a one of the great white wine makers working today. It's simply sublime! A notoriously underrated variety, Keller gives expression to Silvaner's full potential, producing a wine that is both compelling and joyously drinkable. From fruit is sourced off old vines, it undergoes the same royal treatment as the Rieslings, including a firm, slow, basket press and a little
$42ea in any 3+
$40ea in any 6+
A Riesling Classic!

Keller Riesling Trocken 2020

A Masterclass in Purity & Minerality!
$50ea in any 3+
$48ea in any 6+

Keller Riesling ‘Limestone’ 2020

Only made in exceptional years when the fruit is deemed worthy by Klaus Peter, the Limestone Riesling is produced using the younger vines from Westhofen, primarily the Kirchspiel vineyard. With around 25g/L residual sugar it elegantly walks the tightrope balancing sweetness and acidity. Perfectly balanced with energy, power, drive and persistence. We'd expect nothing less from Weingut Keller!
$56ea in any 3+
$54ea in any 6+

Wagner-Stemple Riesling Porphyr 2017

Beautifully balanced, it rests toward the acid side of the scales, with a touch less alcohol, taming rich luscious fruits.
$56ea in any 3+
$53ea in any 6+

Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Spätlese 2019

A juicy wine for the category with plenty of cassis character, but that doesn’t mean it’s really full-bodied. In fact, at the finish it’s quite a light and austere wine with a lot of herbal and green-leaf tea flavors. Drink or hold. Stuart Piggot
$71ea in any 3+
$67ea in any 6+

Keller Dalsheim Spätburgunder ‘S’ 2018

The richest & boldest of Keller's 2017 GGs, but it also has great structure and a powerful, mineral and herbal finish. A lot more will come out if you're patient.

Wagner-Stemple Riesling Heerkretz 2017

White peach, apple and lime are accented by their pits and pits as well as by raw almond on an enticing nose highly reminiscent of that exhibited by the corresponding 2016. Scents of Ceylon tea and spring beauty (Claytonia) add inner-mouth allure. The feel is flatteringly silken, notwithstanding the persistence of stimulating piquancy. Infectious juiciness, along with an invigoratingly tactile, active sense of crystalline stony impingement, dramatically sets this wine’s vibrant, bell-clear fin
$120ea in any 3+
$115ea in any 6+

Wagner-Stemple Riesling Höllberg GG MAGNUM 2016

He who dares wins, and Daniel Wagner dared to leave his grapes on the vines for long enough to assemble a delightful array of exotic fruit aromas. But orange and grapefruit do not just stimulate the sense of smell, but also bring juice and zest to the palate. Fine nuances of piquant fruit peel and chalky minerality are supported by refreshing acidity to give ample contours to a supple texture. Michael Schmidt,
$185ea in any 2+
$175ea in any 3+