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Forjas del Salnés ‘Leirana’ Albariño 2022

Albariño | Val do Salnés, Galicia

The gentler 2022 Leirana reflects a warmer year of rounder wines and slightly lower acidity. They are increasing the amount of oak, and eventually, this could end up being 100% in (used and large) foudres, but the wines don't show any oak. They blended all the wines before they are put in foudre, and they feel it results in better integration of the wine. This represents the Salnés region of Rías Baixas with the salty and tasty marine and granite twist. 40,000 bottles. There are two lots of th
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Beautiful, savoury, with well-handled oxidative development, fresh yet energetic. Spiced, saline, a delicate sherry line, with a little cereal note. Ripe citrus oil on a flowing gentle mouthfeel. Love the dry crisp cleansing feel, super saline. Lovely. A great way to see a varietal Xarel.lo as a still wine and add the context to drinking top end fizz made with the variety. The acidity in this example if beautifully balanced, it shows just why it is such a good match for sparkling production.
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Pentecostés Varietales 2022

White Blend | Spain, Condado do Tea

Great drinking to be had here! Complexed by savoury and earthy layers with a little baking spice & hint of soft green herb. Textural with fine phenolics adding a caressing flow countered by a chalky play. Loads of fun. Laced with an elegant background funk over a delicate, transparent fruit core of depth & length. Thirst quenching, super fine acid. The slightly warmer climate of Condado do Tea allows plantings of varieties other than Albariño to thrive. Varietales is a b
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Zárate Albariño 2022

Albariño | Val do Salnés, Galicia

Initially restrained on the nose it slowly builds through complexing earthiness & the fruit shines, with subtle generosity layered in from time on fine lees. Fresh, electric energy with the flavour to back it! Sherbety saline acid, super ripe lemon, super zippy, crunchy & juicy, with a phenolic crunch and play. Incredible transparency and delicacy. It carries a wee bit of spritz that adds to the already refreshing nature of this delicious beverage and will ensure it's longevity.
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Excellent development heading down a very savoury line with a little shroomy funk that you often get in wines with this acid profile. That fine sherbety citric acid feel here too. The fruit builds, an excellent core of length and a balance of textural phenolics. Sating thirst with a lythe, transparent palate. Loads of tension, drinking beautifully now. A couple of years in bottle will see more on offer. It’s a wine that sits comfortably in its own skin. A sign that it’s maker does lik
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Raventós i Blanc ‘De la Finca’ 2019

Sparkling | Spain, Catalunya

Fruit for the De La Finca comes from the Vinya dels Fòssils. Situated on the highest terraces of the River Anoia with lower yields on thinner soil. Here we have a  build in the depth and length. Sophisticated fine and long, complex with mid-palate layering. An entrancing perfume at play with edgy, salinity and a fine mousse. Subtle power and delicacy. The extra time on lees in bottle, 30 months, shows with a seamless harmony, richness and a little autolysis character. The fruit weight is balan
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A Vino de Pasto from the laminated Albarizas Barajuelas of Pago Macharnudo. Gold and green to look and smell. It has a semi-fermentated barley-sake-ricey-acetic tang and gourd skin, paddy-melon-in-the-cool-of-night-edginess. There's a titch of steel and the smell of reeds and rush matting, stripped bamboo, lemongrass outers and typical pistachio skin. It's a wine of lovely depth with some richness, but edged sweet-sour. Scott Walsey, The Spanish Acquisition 🔥Hot Tip: Drink over days
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150-200 Year Old Vines!
The Finca Genoveva is showing more complexity on the nose at this early stage in its life compared with the ‘A Telleira’, I suspect it won’t be long before they sit on par. Providing the definition of high-quality super fine acid. Like the ‘A Telleira’ the mouthfeel gently laces your tongue with a sheer delicacy. The scent Gutiérez describes is here, I’d add a little lanolin to the mix. It carries through to the palate, wrapping the core of intriguing flavours with those citru
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Bodegas Luis Pérez Fino Caberrubia NV Saca III

Palomino | Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Caberrubia is Bodegas Luis Pérez's answer to NV Grand Cru Champagne! 'Caberrubia' is the name of a local bird which has returned to these vineyards since they were converted to organics. All natural alcohol. It's saline, iodine, balsamic, deeply chalky, deeply savoury, rich with balancing bitterness. Drinking it is like skiing down an intermediate slope, deep and winding but not too rushed, there's heaps of time to explore the chalk and every delicate switch and fold of texture and flavour.
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Bodegas Urbina Reserva Especial 2006

Red Blend | Spain, Alta

Well, here's something a little bit tasty. 17+ year old Rioja and in fine form. Access to gear with a little age on it is a treat! Urbina Reserva Especial 2006 is one of those wines that you can just nuzzle into, calming, reassuring, delicious. Plush, luscious, super fine, long tannins wrap a core of vibrant, ripe fruit layered with savoury, earthy, truffles and tea. A saline lick matching fine acid to give us a fresh, thirst-quenching wine. The complexity and secondary development here offer
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A Vino de Pasto from the laminated Albarizas Barajuelas of Pago Macharnudo. The 2022 La Escribano Vino di Pasto 1 year in old fino casks, a tiny bit of ullage and a thin layer of flor. It's exhilarating, energetic drinking ~ lightning! Fascinating to see the balance of flavours showing a little more citrus fruit popping through, still with the usual savoury cereal characters. Saline with textural pleasure a plenty. Green leafy herb at the edge. A playful divine wine.  🔥Hot Tip: Drink
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Enticing set of aromas & perfume showing their indigenous grape varieties and the complexity of the blend they offer. Beautiful mousse and fine textured phenolics harmonised by time on lees with excellent mid-palate weight. Phenolics are superb with a complex array of flavours, savoury, saline, earthy, a little rose. Almond and marzipan with a balancing, cleansing silvery bitterness. Beautifully balanced for 0g/l dose showing wonderful generosity of expression yet elegance. Woody herbs at pl
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Terroir al Límit Terra de Cuques 2021

White Blend | Priorat, Spain

Huber's Village white is incredibly intriguing. It's rare to see so much packed into a wine & for it to have such poise at the same time! Terra De Cuques - which translates as 'place of the fireflies' - takes its name from the fireflies that light up the landscape in this area at night. Fireflies are extremely sensitive to chemical contamination, like ladybirds, and their presence indicates a healthy vineyard environment. Terra de Cuques is a blend of 90% Pedro Ximénez from the clay soils fr
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José Gil Vino de Pueblo San Vincente 2021

Red Blend | Spain, La Rioja

A great example of the new Rioja! Grape first focused on exceptional vineyards from a clearly defined village. Much to explore flowers, spice, woody herbs, darkness, earthy and savoury notes with an enticing array of fruits. On release, it needs a good decant and some patience and will be better on the second day as its youthful exuberance resolves. Plush, fine grape tannins mingle with the dark and red fruit combined with refreshing acidity to offer up a playful mouthfeel. Refreshing, there
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Guímaro’s wines draw you in. At this level, they move well beyond and above the playful, juby, joven styles. Complex, savoury, layered with sophisticated tannins all of Guímaro's top wines show a deft hand in élévage to elicit the personality of the fruit from which they are made. There's a build in weight and richness here over the Miño river sibling to this wine. The San Pedro has a beautiful acid balance. Savoury salami, spiced, energy and freshness, super complex. Harmonise
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Urbina's 2004 Gran Reserva shows excellent development. One of those wines that requires some patience in the glass, building freshness with the passing of time. At the core fresh vibrant fruit and zippy acidity are at play. A little reduction blows of to reveal wonderful savoury flavours and an excellent mouthfeel with playful grip. A little sappiness and wild edge adding complexity. Loads of fun to be had here! Deep garnet. Aromas of ripe red berries, cherry pit and succulent herbs a
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