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Keller Grüner Silvaner Trocken 2020

Grüner Sylvaner | Rheinhessen, Germany

Making mind-blowing Riesling isn't the only thing the Klaus-Peter Keller excels at; his Silvaner is a testament to his skill as a one of the great white wine makers working today. It's simply sublime! A notoriously underrated variety, Keller gives expression to Silvaner's full potential, producing a wine that is both compelling and joyously drinkable. From fruit is sourced off old vines, it undergoes the same royal treatment as the Rieslings, including a firm, slow, basket press and a little
$42ea in any 3+
$40ea in any 6+
Michael Moosbrugger has taken bottled wine from 31 vintages, made from 9 different varieties, dating back over 50 years to 1970, opened, checked, and blended it to create the Tradition Heritage 50 Jahre (years). There are pursuits in life that are driven by passion, a desire to push all limits. So many of these will never be rewarded in the lifetime of those who start the challenge either financially or with a simple acknowledgment of the achievement. The great artist, often, ahead of their
$263ea in any 3+
$256ea in any 6+