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Clos de l’Écotard Saumur Blanc Le Haie Nardin 2018

La Haie Nardin Samur Blanc come a single, one-hectare lieu-dit of 50-year old vines. It's a playful, thirst-quenching Chenin that opens with layers of orchard fruit - poached quince, pear - bright citrus, and hints of baking spice. Bone-dry with grapefuit acidity, this wine is fresh on the palate with a sublte funk and faint hits of lanolin. It's an impressive gateway to the Clos de L'Écotard wines, with terrific balance and good development.
$65 in any 3+
$62 in any 3+

Domaine Arnaud Lambert Samur Brézé ‘Clos David’ 2019

Super zippy, mineral acid with the core of fruit to support it. Excellent depth and length. Elegantly walks the knifes edge of oxidative handling helping layer in intriguing characters from a perfectly developed yet fresh wine. You can only play that game if you have the quality of fruit to do so. Heading down the quince, poached pear, baking spice, with lemon, lime citrus and a little candied zest. Complexing wet wool / lanolin around the edges balancing the perfumed components. Textural ele
$80ea in any 3+
$76ea in any 6+

Clos de l’Écotard Saumur Blanc L’Enroulée 2019

L'Enroulée is a one-off cuvée and is a blend of Le Haie Nardin, which is normally a separate wine, “rolled together” this parcel with the fruit from his vines in Les Quarts-Saint-Vincent.This wine gives a prnounced perfume of white blossom and jasmine. Clos de l'Écotard's hallmark quince is back with more length and depth, as well as a pop of lanolin. The acidity and texture here are superb; mineral and lon, with a layer of phenolics playing nicely on the tongue. Flavours of maple, nuts a
$82 in any 3+
$78 in any 3+

Clos de l’Écotard Saumur Blanc 2019

The estate's signature wine, the Clos de Ecotard, offers a refined and harmonoious expression of Chenin Blanc. With white flowers and delicate perfume, flavours of ripe pear, maple spice and a mineral undercurrent are balanced by a taut line of invigorating acidity. The texture gradually builds on the palate and takes shape beautifully in the mouth, with wonderful depth and length and a gentle sweep of phenolics characterise by a fine silvery bitterness on the finish.
$82 in any 3+
$78 in any 3+

Domaine des Roches Neuves Samur-Champigny ‘La Marginale’ 2019

Deceptive in it’s depth and length. There is a trick exceptional wines manage, they appear weightless yet have incredible depth and layer after layer of intrigue. This is such a wine. Funny, Thierry’s wines remind me in so many ways of Yarra Yering. When I made wine there we were focused on two things, texture and complexity, building in layer after layer of intrigue. As with Thierry’s fruit we had incredible acidity. We aimed to make wines that you’d drink half a bottle, think, shit tha
$111ea in any 3+
$106ea in any 6+
Bone Dry!

Domaine des Roches Neuves Samur ‘Clos Romans’ 2018

Chenin. Take the syrup from poached quince and mix it with Créme pâtissière. Entrancing. Lovely, feel like I’m cooking quince. Long fine, excellent acid, draws you in, alive with personality. Bone dry! Phenolics here are interesting, dusty rather than oily. They have a wonderful cleansing feel. Savory with a little oxidative character just enough to add intrigue. Fun. Very good.
$192ea in any 3+
$185ea in any 6+