Serralunga d'Alba

The Commune of Serralunga most famous Cru’s produce some of Barolo’s most fabled wines. Vigna Rionda, Gabutti, Francia to name just three.

Serralunga starts at the southeastern corner of Barolo and stretches about two-thirds of the way up the runs along the eastern border of the region of Barolo. When the MGA’s (Cru’s) were confirmed in 2010, the 39 Cru’s in Serralunga were defined with great detail. Compare them to only 11 MGA’s in Monforte d’Alba which covers a much larger area.

The soils in the Commune are classified as Helvetian, now commonly called Serraluvian and tend to be lean sandy limestone and clay soils that yield more structure.

Generalisations are fraught with danger when it comes to wine, I’ll give it a go anyway.

Barolo from Serralunga tends to have more structure and bolder tannins that take a little time to resolve. The flavours tend to be a little darker and more on the secondary tea, tar & roses side. As they age and evolve, they develop truffles, soften, and apparent sweetness evolves.

Winemaking techniques and vineyard specific factors such as Cappellano’s plantings on their own rootstocks, his Piè Franco, can offer us incredibly fine elegant wines.

Over recent years it has become common for wineries sourcing wines from multiple vineyards in the same commune to name their Barolos after the Commune of origin. In this case ‘Commune di Serralunga d’Alba’. These can be great examples to give you a general feel for the Commune.

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