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Fanco's done it again!

Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir 2021

You'd be hard pressed to fined a better value Pinot than this!
Simply Delicious

Hoddles Creek Estate Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2021

Perfect intro to Hoddle's Creek Chardonnay! Cool Upper Yarra Valley Fruit = Wine of Poise & Great Intensity!

Wine Decoded ‘Bathtub’ Yarra Valley Cabernet 2015

The Wait is Over … Our 1st Wine Decoded Wine is Here!
$29ea in any 3+
$26ea in any 6+

Wine Decoded Yarra Valley Shiraz 2016

The Wait is Over … Our 2nd Ever Wine Decoded Wine is Here!
$32 for 3+
$29ea for 6+
Another delicious 2015

Proud Bovine Shiraz 2015

From the same vineyard the Wine Decoded Bathtub Shiraz comes from, this'll take you to a happy place!
3 for $38.50ea
4-5 $37ea
6+ for $35ea
Min 3 — $115.50

Yeringberg Viognier 2019

A floral, exotic, full-bodied white. Yerinberg bring their own style to this Rhone classic.
$44 in any 3+
$42 in any 6+

Wine Decoded Yarra Valley Shiraz 2017

Our 3rd and Best Release is Here!
$48ea in any 3+
$45ea in any 6+

Dappled Single Vineyard Pinot ‘Champs de Cerises’ 2020

Lovely cherry fruit as the name indicates!
$48ea in any 3+
$45ea in any 6+
Such Purity & Expression!

Hoddles Creek 1er Chardonnay 2017

Franco's at the top of his game. Making wine with balance between richness & juicy acid, delicacy & power, fruit & complexity!
$51ea in any 3+
$48ea in any 6+

DML VIN Upper Yarra Pinot Noir 2019

D'Anna + Middleton + Lewis = DML VIN Pinot!
$60ea in any 3+
$58ea in any 6+
Seduction by Wine!

Yarra Yering Dry Red No.2 HALF 2019

The original Shiraz Viognier blend .. with a spalsh ofMataro!
$62ea in any 3+
$59ea in any 6+

Yeringberg Marsanne Roussanne 2019

A Yarra Valley classic. A wine with incredible delicacy and complexity.
$72 in any 3+
$69 in any 6+

Yeringberg Chardonnay 2019

"A wine of subtlety and composure, our 2019 Chardonnay is a wine of real presence. Cool, elegant floral aromas with notes of nectarine, citrus blossom and struck match, develop to offer generosity and richness, with hints of white peach, hazelnut and oatmeal biscuit. The palate is initially lively, creamy and citrus-driven, leading to a lovely touch of pithiness framing the subtle nectarine and lemon curd fruit, and a long, savoury finish. A wine that offers immediate pleasure, but equally, one
$72 in any 3+
$69 in any 6+

Yeringberg Pinot Noir 2019

"The 2019 Pinot Noir combines the kind of ripeness and generosity, delicacy and finesse that characterise great Pinot Noir. Initially reserved, the nose offers notes of sun-kissed strawberry, blood plum and rose petal, together with exotic hints of musk and nutmeg. The palate has a supple richness, with a depth of flavour built on both the character of the vintage and the age of the vines. Juicy strawberry fruit, plum and rhubarb flavours are underpinned by an almost luxuriant structure that’s
$103 in any 3+
$98 in any 6+

Yeringberg Shiraz 2019

Shiraz is the Yarra Valley's best kept secret - make sure to get in on it!
$103 in any 3+
$98 in any 6+

Yeringberg Cabernets 2019

Cabernet blends are the founding wines of the Yarra Valley & with good reason. Just think Yarra Yering, Mount Mary, Wantirna Estate, Yarra Yarra ... then add Yeringberg!
$103 in any 3+
$98 in any 6+