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Yet another successful 'Costa Bassa' from Fay! Thoughts read pretty much the same as for the delicious 2019. Loads of pleasure here, the harmony, and, the inviting, drink me, nature of the wine is just the beginning. It really has everything in all the right places. Excellent. Got that whole alpine thing going on. Excellent weight and shape to it. Playful dusty chalky slightly chewy tannins with fine boned acid. Sour cherry with licorice a hint of smoke, resinous. A thirst quencher with epic
$61ea in any 3+
$58ea in any 6+
Loads of fun to be had here. The acid balance with the fruit weight is about right. Energy here with vibrant red fruit, sour cherries, a little of that alpine spice. Heston Blumenthal once did mince tarts that were topped with sugar mixed with ground pine needles and it worked. There’s a little of that sitting here in the background. The tannins aren’t quite as polished as those in the wines of Fay or Ar.Pe.Pe. Slightly drying on the mid palate. A little salami or a plate of something roaste
$64ea in any 3+
$61ea in any 6+
Grace under pressure. The purity, line & length, and, expression of this wine is exceptional. Where the 2016 Costa Bassa drinks so beautifully out of the gate. 2016 Carteria steps up the depth, length and layering, this will be superb. Brooding and a little darker than the Costa Bassa, it's not just depth of flavour, but depth of tannin that shine. A little patience will yiled a treasure! The textures, harmony and pleasure Sandro Fay are dishing up is exceptional. This will undoubtedly hit the
$114ea in any 3+
$109ea in any 6+