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Maria Luisa Marchetti Valtellina Superiore ‘Sant’Eufermia’ 2017

Nebbiolo from Valtellina, Valgella, Lombardy, Italy


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Loads of fun to be had here. The acid balance with the fruit weight is about right. Energy here with vibrant red fruit, sour cherries, a little of that alpine spice. Heston Blumenthal once did mince tarts that were topped with sugar mixed with ground pine needles and it worked. There’s a little of that sitting here in the background. The tannins aren’t quite as polished as those in the wines of Fay or Ar.Pe.Pe. Slightly drying on the mid palate. A little salami or a plate of something roasted will do the trick in meeting them in the middle. Lovely shape to the fruit. Round mid-palate and a lingering taper to finish.

90% Nebbiolo, the remaining 5% made up of native varieties: Pignola, Rossola, Brugnola.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?


Maria Luisa is an ex school teacher born of generations of grape growers in Valtellina. Having sold the family’s grapes for years she decided to vinify her first wines in 2000 before moving to full-time vigneron status. Her husband was and still is stationed in the winery. Winemaking here is very intentionally hands-off, following the style of the organic viticulture she employs. Everything planted on the vineyards is Nebbiolo save for a little section of Solaris, a very unusual white grape that’s a hybrid of Gris, Riesling and Muscat amongst others.

The wines follow a house style that is abundant in perfume, lightness and minerality. They are very, very elegant wines. Soft Nebbiolos but still Nebbiolo.

In the Vineyard

There is very little information available.

In the Winery

The grapes were pressed and naturally fermented in stainless steel, with regular pump-overs applied to manage the cap. After malolactic conversion, the wine was aged in large Slavonian 1,000l botti for 18 months.

Where in the World is Maria Luisa Marchetti?

Piedmont is not the only Italian region to produce Nebbiolo! Valtellina Superiore is a thin horizontal strip in the very north of Italy above Milan.

Maria Luisa Marchetti is based in Valtellina, an alpine region corresponding to the reservoir of the river Adda upstream of Lake Como. The winery is easily accessible as it is located not far from the historic center of Teglio, a town which gives its name to the entire valley located about 900m above sea level. on the Rhaetian side of the Alps The territory of the municipality is vast and extends on both sides of the valley, bordering Switzerland to the north and the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia to the south. It is precisely on the Rhaetian side of this area that, from a height of about 350m to 600m above sea level, in the VALGELLA sub-area of ​​the VALTELLINA SUPERIORE, we find our vineyards.

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Where in the world does the magic happen?

Azienda Vitivinicola Marchetti Maria Luisa, Via Modesto Tudori, Teglio, Province of Sondrio, Italy