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Pieropan Soave Classico 2022

White Blend | Veneto, Italy

Excellent classico with great mid-palate weight, full yet fresh. Fine acid, pear and fresh marmalade / mandarin at play. Pith, a beautiful silvery line of bitterness. Love the salty twist! A thirst-quency delight! The organic Pieropan 2022 Soave Classico (in a screw-cap bottle) is beautifully fresh and balanced with citrus, white peach and crushed stone. The aromatic assembly is simple, but that's exactly what attracts you to a wine like this (made with 85% Garganega and 15% Trebbiano
$36ea in any 3+
$33ea in any 6+

Pieropan Soave ‘Calvarino’ 2020

White Blend | Soave, Italy

The name 'Calvarino' translates to 'small ordeal'. The 2020 Cru's from Pieropan are bang on. Loads of energy & juicy fine acid making for a refreshing beverage. Excellent length and depth. White flowers, pear, spice and a little citrus pith. Excellent shape and weight. A classic from the Pieropan crew!
$63ea in any 3+
$60ea in any 6+

Pieropan Soave ‘Calvarino’ 2021

White Blend | Veneto, Italy

The name 'Calvarino' translates to 'small ordeal'. Andrea Pieropan told us it was named after the hill Jesus was crucified on reflecting how difficult the soil is to work and the tortuous path which winds from top to bottom. The 2021 is the 50th Anniversary release & it is an excellent Calvarino. Vibrant and energetic with a perfume of white flowers and an excellent core of fruit. Thirst quenching. Well developed, no puppy fat here. Long and fine with a savoury twist. Chalky with a fine l
$64ea in any 3+
$61ea in any 6+

Pieropan Soave ‘La Rocca’ 2019

White Blend | Veneto, Italy

Given the full beans, barrel fermentation & maturation, the fruit from this site just laps it up This is stunning. Balancing freshness and energy with cask ageing. Richness with fine acid, incredible complexity that builds in the glass. Tasting this wine, I find it giving me as much pleasure as white burgundy at three times the price! It caresses your tongue, finishing with incredible length.
$66ea in any 3+
$63ea in any 6+

Pieropan Soave ‘La Rocca’ 2021

White Blend | Veneto, Italy

Full richer style with excellent freshness and acid balance. Superb development. Very different expression to Calvarino. Vinified in Tonneaux and Botte. Beautifully balanced, with flow. Wonderful perfume floral almonds marzipan excellent development and freshness. Ripe lemon the variety you could eat fresh mixed with tropical fruits. Delicious. fine superb shape and again chalky feel. As always incorporating 10-20% botrytis adding complexity and a little spice.  A superb La Rocca!
$69ea in any 3+
$66ea in any 6+

San Giusto a Rentennano ‘Vin San Giusto’ 375ml 2015

White Blend | Tuscany, Chianti Classico

Production of this wine is a painstaking labor of love. If they made a white out of the grapes it would return 10 times the volume! Makes the price look pretty reasonable. The organic San Giusto a Rentennano 2015 Vin San Giusto (in a 375-milliliter bottle) opens to a dark chestnut color with brownish and copper highlights. This wine is viscous and quite thick with a contained 9.5% alcohol content. That low alcohol is a hallmark of this special dessert wine, as is its super rich, almost sy
$177ea in any 3+
$170ea in any 6+

Pieropan Soave C5 ‘Vini dell Anima’

White Blend | Veneto, Italy

A remarkable wine 15 years in the making! Calvarino 5 is the first wine of the "Vini dell'Anima" collection. Born from a project by Leonildo Pieropan and his sons Dario and Andrea, it is a blend of five Calvarino vintages (2008-2009-2010-2011-2012) aged for at least 10 years in large cement tanks on lees in the cellar. Ageing this way in Pieropan's cool cellars is slow and controlled. This is a fascinating wine highlighting the incredible results blending across vintages can deliver. Cool
$214ea in any 3+
$207ea in any 6+