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Super fine of deceptive weight, complexity & transparency. It achieves one of the greatest feats in white wine: elegance with real depth and length, particularly mid-palate weight. with loads of fun. Excellent acid profile and flow. The balance here is impressive. Just delicious, very good, thirst-quenching. Great purity and precision, layered and full of personality. Another terrific wine from this address, the 2020 Viré-Clessé Quintaine exhibits aromas of citrus zest, white flo
$84ea in any 3+
$80ea in any 6+
The name translates to 'Return to Earth'. Trying this next to the other non-amphora wines, I wonder what impact fermenting in these clary vessels has. While it appears a little more developed. Kelley’s note is on the money. I feel like the chalky texture may be derived to some degree from the amphora. Without trying a control it’s impossible to say. Much pleasure to be had here with the very fresh marmalade notes, flowers and beyond. Transparent and delicate. Guillemot-Michel makes Chardo
$126ea in any 3+
$121ea in any 6+
Wow! Initially a little spritz that swirled of quickly, the protective nature of dissolved CO2 goes some way to explaining why this wine looks younger than the “2020 Retour a Terre”.  Bottling with a little CO2 is a sign that they see this as a wine for the longer haul. It is obsolete to repeat many of Kelley’s remarks. It’s clear that the fruit is exceptional, the mid-palate weight, always a sign of quality Chardonnay, is impressive, along with the flow, shape and texture. Incred
$153ea in any 3+
$146ea in any 6+