Ahhh … Italy! Home of renaissance literature, philosophy, science and some of the most heart warming food in the world. From North to South it would be a fair guess to say the only thing outnumbering churches and Vespa’s are the vast areas of vineyards.

One thing is certain, you’ll never run short of choice!

First Records of Wine Production – Go back millennia!

Founding Figures – The Greek colonisation marked a shift from vine grown in the wild to planned viticulture around 800 BC the Romans dramatically expanded production around 200 BC. The Italians never looked back!

Area Planted – Around 700,000 hectares making around 19% of the world’s wine!

Number of Wineries – Soave alone is made by 3,500 producers. That’s around the same number of wineries as in all of Australia! From gargistes to industrial scale conglomerates every Italian has a winemaker in the family.

Established Regions – Every region in Italy produces wine! The most prestigious region Piedmont is home to the stunning Nebbiolos of Barolo & Barbaresco. The Chianti and Brunello of Tuscany following hot on Piedmont’s heals. These are just a drop in the ocean!

In typical Italian style the classification systems of each region vary and are often skewed by influential persons with much to gain over the quality of the industry. As always we need to rely on our taste buds as the ultimate decider of quality!

Most Common VarietiesIn his book ‘Native Wine Grapes of Italy’ Ian D’Agata documents around 500 Italian grape varieties, by no means the complete set! Around 350 of these have been granted authorized status. There’s plenty to try! We’ve seen a push to save some of the notable, rare varietals like the white Nascetta and Arneis from Piedmont. 

Whilst we have seen an ingress of French Varietals, the most notable being the Cabernet Varietals + Syrah used to make the Super Tuscans, the Italians have, by and large stayed true to their roots.

White – Whites of note: Arneis (Piedmont), Cataratto (Sicily), Fiano (southwest coast), Friulano (Friuli), Gargenaga (Veneto – the Soave grape), Greco di Tufo (southwest coast), Malvasia Bianca (throughout Italy), Moscato Blanc (Piedmont), Pecorino (Abruzzo), Pinot Grigo (Why?), Ribolla Gialla (Friulli), Trebbiano (Abruzzo), Verdicchio (Marche) and Vermentino (Sardinia, Tuscany and Liguria).

Red – Aglianico (Campania), Barbera (Piedmont), Corvina blended with Rondinella to make Amarone, Dolcetto (Piedmont), Malvasia Nera (Puglia), Montepuliciano (Tuscany), Nebbiolo (Piedmont), Negaromaro (Puglia), Nero d’Avola (Sicily), Primitivo (Puglia), Sagrantino (Umbria) and Sangiovese (Tuscany).

Up and Coming Regions – Beyond Barolo and Barbaresco, around the world we have seen Amarone, Chianti, Soave, Prosecco, Verdicchio and the wines of Puglia gain strong recognition. In recent times the increasing cost of Barolo in particular has seen exploration of Nebbiolo from Alto Piedmonte and Valtellina. At the opposite end of the country, in part due to the investment of heavy hitters like ‘Barolo Boy’ Marco di Grazie (Terre Nere) and Andrea Franchetti (Passopisciaro) the Nerello Mascelese (red) and Carricante (white) wines of Etna, Sicily have become world recognised. Nerello Mascelese being described as some as the Barolo of the South or a cross between Nebbiolo and Pinot. I prefer to call it delicious!

A Treasure Hunt for the Lost Whites of Italy!

Timorasso ~ Nascetta ~ Erbaluce

3 Italian Whites Saved from Extinction!

Of the thousands of grape varieties that exist, and even more clones of each variety, few make it into our glass.

Many have been lost. Economic reality making them not viable.

Advances in viticulture, changes in climate and the passion of a few individuals have saved a few!

For that we are thankful!


The Saviours

Walter & Claudio along with their shared cellarmaster ‘Pigi’ are both the saviours & masters of Timorasso! The hold some of the oldest plantings making wine of great complexity, texture. Composed & full of personality.

Walter describes his Derthona as a “Modern Antique”.

Claudio Mariotto ‘Cavallina’ Derthona Timorasso 2018

Timorasso | Piedmont, Colli Tortonesi

Filled with flavour, Timorasso with excellent acid balancing the power of the fruit. Flowing with a caressing mouthfeel livened up by the acid. Mid-palate weight with driving length. Opens and resolves offering a complex fruits, pear, a little background quince, pops of ripe lemon juice, and spice. The phenolics and what looks like just a little skin contact combined with such fine acid making for a complete long, even texture. A faint line of that oh so Italian silvery line of bitterness. A tri
$76ea in any 3+
$72ea in any 6+

Vigneti Massa Timorasso ‘Derthona’ 2019

Timorasso | Colli Tortonesi, Italy

From near extinction the Massa family have saved Timorasso, for that I am truly thankful! Massa's Derthona is the perfect introduction to the variety. It's alway more complete than the 'Picolo Derthona' with a build in richness, more golden colour. Delicious, saline minerality, excellent acid profile, build in phenolics and carry through to a cleansing silvery line of bitterness + apricot kernel. The 2019 is another success from Massa & Piggy. A bolder slightly riper incarnation than the
$90ea in any 3+
$86ea in any 6+

Claudio Mariotto ‘Pitasso’ Derthona Timorasso 2018

Timorasso | Colli Tortonesi, Italy

Where the Cavallina has overt generosity and power, the fruit depth and length of the Pitasso are more than its equal, with an edge of sophistication that lends to a more restrained feel. The power is all there, showing superb linear fruit and exceptional, fine acid. This lingers forever! Stunning mouthfeel, leveling up on the harmony in comparison to the delicious Cavallina. This is very, very good. Effortless and composed. The flavours start with ripe pear, build and layer as you swallow and c
$97ea in any 3+
$92ea in any 6+

The Friends & Lovers

Vietti, Oddero and Roagna are amongst the great names that have recognised just how unique & delicious the wines made from Timorasso are & have put the passion in a glass!

Last Bottle!

Monlia Colli Tortonesi Timorasso 2020

Timorasso | Piedmont, Colli Tortonesi

There’s something about the texture, aroma and flavour profile of good Italian white. That silvery line of bitterness that graces the finish. Chalky acid here with a development showing nutty almond and apricot kernel. Fascinating aromas with a little baking spice. Some apparent lees work. Such a unique mid-bodied variety that offers up nashi pear, citrus down the lemon line the good mega yellow jobs that could be eaten straight, the bitterness of white grapefruit and much more. Tasted
$52ea in any 3+
$49ea in any 6+

Vietti Derthona Timorasso Colli Tortonesi 2020

Timorasso | Colli Tortonesi, Italy

The latest addition to the Vietti portfolio sees a white from the eastern most border of the Piedmont region. A perfect fit for Vietti with regard to their history of working with varietals of merit that for one reason or another have diminished over time. Timorasso makes beautiful wine the Massa is a cracker. I can't wait to try Vietti's version. With a wonderful array of flavours, textures, and, wonderful acidity the variety is loaded with personality & intrigue. For the 2019: Th
$76ea in any 3+
$72ea in any 6+

Roagna Timorasso Derthona Montemarzino 2019

Timorasso | Colli Tortonesi, Italy

A grape variety saved by saved by Massa & on the rise! With Vietti, Roagna and Borgogno adding their names to those making Timorasso, it's clear something special is happening in Derthona (the old name for Tortona). 'The 2019 Timorasso Derthona Montemarzino is bright, transparent and super-expressive. Luca Roagna's Timorasso is one of the most refined versions. I have tasted of Timorasso, which is usually a much more rustic white wine.' Antonio Galloni, Vinous
$205ea in any 3+
$195ea in any 6+


The Saviour

Elvio Cogno with his plantings in Novello, Barolo is turning out intoxicating wines from Nascetta. As he says they need a year or 2 in bottle to reveal their full potential. Grab a 2019 to drink now and 2020 next summer!


The Champion

Erbaluce can make many styles of from sparkling, late harvest & passito wines.

Antoniolo’s is a wonderfully fresh and crunchy dry white style. The 2020 has settled, resolving beautifully over the last 6 months and is in a wonderful place.

Perfect summer drinking.

Filters & Sorting

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Pieropan Soave Classico 2022

White Blend | Veneto, Italy

Excellent classico with great mid-palate weight, full yet fresh. Fine acid, pear and fresh marmalade / mandarin at play. Pith, a beautiful silvery line of bitterness. Love the salty twist! A thirst-quency delight! The organic Pieropan 2022 Soave Classico (in a screw-cap bottle) is beautifully fresh and balanced with citrus, white peach and crushed stone. The aromatic assembly is simple, but that's exactly what attracts you to a wine like this (made with 85% Garganega and 15% Trebbiano
$36ea in any 3+
$33ea in any 6+
Minaia is a single site within the Bergaglio estates, where the vines perform particularly well and are naturally low yielding and very happy. They have an average age of 70 years. The fruit that comes from these vines shows more concentration and intensity, while at the same time holding an elegant frame. We always feel like this wine is dancing across our palate. Winemaking is essentially the same as with the Etichetta Bianca above, but there is more going on here, with the same fruits of the
$38ea in any 3+
$36ea in any 6+
Gavi, like Soave, is a wine that takes its name from the region’s main village. The village, Gavi, is in southern Piedmont, bordering Liguria. Gavi, like Soave, is a wine that takes its name from the region’s main village. The village, Gavi, is in southern Piedmont, bordering Liguria. Gavi di Tassarolo Fornaci is a single vineyard wine named after a brick kiln – fornace in Italian – that used to stand in place of the vineyards, within the township of Tassarolo. Cortese grapes are so
$39ea in any 3+
$37ea in any 6+

San Giusto a Rentennano Fuori Misura Rosato Toscano 2022

Red Blend | Tuscany, Chianti Classico

Dang! This is foine woine! Personality+++ This ain't no blinkity blink pink link! It's got the full sink! Delicious. It takes some mad skills to pull off a wine like this. The balance point between rosé & light red, the crunch with real flavour, the texture. Sure winemaking smarts are key, it's that innate sense of touch that allows a cluey vigneron to layer in the kind of character this has that makes the real difference. Is it a Light Red or a Rosé? Who cares, it just an ace wine.
$40ea in any 3+
$37ea in any 6+

Benevelli Piero Langhe Nebbiolo 2022

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barolo

The Perfect intro to Nebbiolo from Italy! It's got all the complexity & style of good Neb. The Neb-Heads GO MENTAL! Varieties like Nebbiolo and Pinot can take a bit to get your head around. Sometimes you just need the right wine to kick you off. This does the job nicely. From one of the greatest Nebbiolo growing regions in the world Monforte! Year in year out this is has been the best value Neb in our portfolio. Always a great perfume a little spice, a wicked core cherry of fruit. Depth and l
$41.5ea in any 3+
$39.5ea in any 6+

Boasso Barbera d’Alba 2020

Barbera | Serralunga d'Alba, Italy

This is Cracking Barbera. Complete & Delicious! Once again beautiful elevage, juicy fruit rich fruit with super fine acid, lovely earthiness, layered, long fine texture with just a little Serralunga structure and just enough edge on it to make it cleansing. Spiced fun. Without a doubt the best value Barbera we have. Earthy divine. So happy to have this back on the list after missing a year!
$42ea in any 3+
$39ea in any 6+

Gini Soave Classico 2022

Garganega | Veneto, Italy

Fresh crisp, lovely core of fruit. Line of acid with strong textural intrigue. Very fine line of silvery bitterness, excellent development in the context of the style. Spice baking at play with good drive to finish. Fun wine. Great expression. A Soave of importance at this level. "The 2021 Soave Classico is remarkably pretty with yellow flowers, wet stone and freshly sliced pear. This is mineral and focused upon entry, with perfume orchard fruits and a saly flourish that returns toward th
$44ea in any 3+
$41ea in any 6+
Brings Back Memories!

Corzano e Paterno Chianti ‘Terre di Corzano’ 2021

Red Blend | Tuscany, Chianti Classico

This wine, along with Corzano e Paterno’s top of the line 100% Sangiovese ‘I Tre Borri’ were two of the first Chianti’s that that piqued my interest and demonstrated the potential of this beautiful variety. Fresh zippy acid, red cherry, excellent tannins with a little playful grip and spice. Delicious.  Grape first. Earthy profile with dark fruit of energy and vibrancy a little perfume floats over the top ~ violets me thinks. Layered delicious and vibrant an excellent comparison to
$46ea in any 3+
$43ea in any 6+

Tenuta di Fessina Erse Bianco 2019

White Blend | Etna, Italy

Nice little bit of funk, faintest flinty hit. It’s a funk that I see with wines with this kind of acid profile. Excellent juicy acid with line and length. Depth and persistence. Mineral with excellent citrus grapefruit and pith backed by a lovely core of fruit. Excellent transparency to this. So crisp and refreshing. Loads of energy. Delightful. Carricante 90%, Catarratto, Minnella 10%
$46ea in any 3+
$43ea in any 6+

Boasso Langhe Nebbiolo 2020

Nebbiolo | Serralunga d'Alba, Barolo

Without a doubt one of the best value Nebbiolos on our list! Seriously good Langhe. Really strong core of fruit here. Structured and beautifully so. Dark and brooding with tea, perfumed with flowers rose. Now the best value Nebbiolo on the market. All Serralunga fruit. Long fine and layered. Will build over time Great elevage. A whole load of fun for not a lot of coin!
$46ea in any 3+
$43ea in any 6+
Lava Juice!

Buscemi ‘Il Rosso’ 2019

Red Blend | Etna, Italy

Buscemi's 'Il Rossoi' is much more than just the perfect light to medium bodied summer red! What a delight! As expected from a vineyard at 980m above see level this looks very much like a cool climate rendition of Grenache. The Nerellos adding to the texture and complexity. Fine boned with a line of dusty tannins, the crunchy cherry bomb fruit balances juicy acid nicely. Full of energy & freshness, a superb light to medium bodied summer red. Mirella conducts the hand harvest in late Octob
$47ea in any 3+
$44ea in any 6+
Lava Juice!

Buscemi ‘Il Rosso’ 2018

Red Blend | Etna, Italy

Buscemi's 'Il Rossoi' is much more than just the perfect light to medium bodied summer red! What a delight! As expected from a vineyard at 980m above see level this looks very much like a cool climate rendition of Grenache. The Nerellos adding to the texture and complexity. Fine boned with a line of dusty tannins, the crunchy cherry bomb fruit balances juicy acid nicely. Full of energy & freshness, a superb light to medium bodied summer red. Mirella conducts the hand harvest in late Octob
$48ea in any 3+
$45ea in any 6+
Superb! Bravi Francesco!🍷
The 'Side Project' of ex-Bruno Giacosa's winemaker Francesco Versio this is a stunner! Given Francesco used to make wine at Bruno Giacosa it is hardly surprising that he knocks out a solid Dolcetto. Giacosa being known as arguably the best maker of the variety. Co-incidentally the last Dolcetto I had, a few days before this, was a Bruno Giacosa made by Francesco, and, it was one of the best Dolcetto I've had the pleasure of devouring. The Dogliani DOCG covers some broad territory. Often of mu
$49ea in any 3+
$46ea in any 6+

Vigneti Massa Timorasso ‘Picolo Derthona’ 2022

Timorasso | Piedmont, Colli Tortonesi

The Picolo Derthona is the new entry wine from Walter Massa! The best Piccolo Derthona to date. The perfect introduction to Timorasso. More development depth and length than previous iterations. Delicate, thirst-quenching refreshing, flowing through with a saline line. Perfectly weighted phenolic note. Lemon citrus oil with pear and melon.  Lush phenolic layer that is seamless and well integrated. Delicious!
$49ea in any 3+
$46ea in any 6+
Nascetta - Italy's answer to Gewurztraminer. Fragrant, spicy and fresh. This is a fun, youthful wine that is drinking well now but could possibly benefit from a little more time to develop, allowing the fruit and underlying structure to better harmonise. Wonderful aromas come swinging out of the glass, with pops of pity citrus, yellow stone fruits, white blossoms and a line of saline minerality. The palate marries ripe, juicy fruit with a savoury lines of lees and spicy white pepper; gentle p
$49ea in any 3+
$46ea in any 6+

Vietti Barbera d’Asti Tre Vigne 2019

Barbera | Piedmont, Asti

Vietti's Barbera d'Asti has an excellent élévage. I first had this wine back in 1994 while studying winemaking in Adelaide. Over the decades it has become more refined. A great expression of Barbera. Those in the know will tell you that good vineyards planted to Barbera in Asti will beat the bounty of average sites that have been planted to the variety in Alba. Vietti's Barbera d'Asti has an excellent élévage. The plush, generous fruit of Barbera is matched with juicy acid that sits in a
$50ea in any 3+
$47ea in any 6+