The drink for all occasions. “In victory we deserve it! In defeat we need it!” Sir Winston Churchill.

The days of relying on a few big houses, with massive marketing budgets turning out swill are over. No longer do we have to put up with getting served battery acid with alcohol, bubbles and sugar in it.

Today, the best Champagne comes from houses dedicated to quality in the vineyard and winery. They are becoming better known and getting the recognition they deserve. More importantly, these delicious Champagnes are making there way into our glasses!

Champagne styles that can be drunk through every stage of a celebration and meal, from a crisp aperitif style to rich Blanc de Noirs made from 100% Pinot, complex blends, and, when they get it right, some of the most inspiring Rosé.

The best Champagnes are best drunk from a bigger glass, a little warmer, and, believe it or not typically taste just as good when they’ve lost their bubbles and gone flat!

Try a little salty hard cheese, Percorino or Reggiano Parmigiano work a treat to bring out the flavours.

Most Champagne is made form three grape varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and, Pinot Meunier. On rare and typically special occasions you’ll find Champagnes made with all seven permitted varieties, adding Fromenteau, Abanne, Pinot Blanc, and, Petit Meslier.

Winemakers in Champagne are master blenders. They have an arsenal of options at their disposal, whether it be combining varieties, fruit from different sites and sub-regions, fermenting and maturing base wines in different vessels, particularly old oak barrels, or, using reserve wines made using a solera system across multiple vintages often covering a period of decades.

Equally some of the finest Champagnes are made from single vineyards and vintages.

Like many of the worlds large wine regions there are efforts underway to further define the sub-regions of Champagne. Partly in a push to recognise the quality of sites previously given less recognition.

You can explore the world of Champagne further in the Wine Bites Mag.

Champagne R.Pouillon - The Fabrice Session!

Wacth 👀or Listen 🎧to our Session with Fabrice!

The video includes footage throughout the year in the vineyard and winery, maps of champagne, annotations of the discussion, graphics & video inserts explaining elements of making Champagne.

The Next Level Gear!

🍾André Clouet's Stunners!🥂

Matured in Sauternes Barrels this is Something Very Special!

All 3 NV’s Grande Réserve, Silver (zero dose) & Rosé!

In Magnum Too!

It’s always puzzled me that the remarkable, terroir-expressive champagnes of André Clouet never seem to come up among the rockstar growers of Champagne. And yet on the basis of his current cuvées, I have again anointed this little grower in the grand cru village of Bouzy among the top six growers in Champagne. This of course places him among the top sparkling growers on earth. My scores rank him equal to Dom Pérignon, Louis Roederer and Taittinger. And that’s mighty company! Tyson Stelzer

🍾2008 Polly Roger Sir Winston🥂

2012 Bollinger La Grande Année

All of the Champagne!

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