Champagne Vincent Brochet Extra Brut (Base 2015) NV

Fresh & delicious with energy, it's vital, alive!

This is excellent. Fresh & delicious with energy, it’s vital, alive. The blend makes for a Pinot heart shape with a Chardonnay tail giving it length. At 3g/l the fruit quality is shining through. Depth and length, fresh red fruits with a little citrus underneath. Acid balance on the money. Excellent expression. Just the right amount of grip. Ruby grapefruit, pith. Great fizz.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

About Champagne Vincent Brochet

In the Vineyard

Domaine Les Croix extends over 14 plots, gros the 3 traditional grapes spreaded over 3 villages classified Premier Cru in the Mountain of Reims. Our growing methods are though to balance soil and vine. We respect the environment. The whole parcel is mechanically weeded without pesticide, herbicide, or fertilizer. Our efforts are rewarded by the label certifications HVE (high environmental value) and VDC (Sustainable viticulture in champagne).

It is important to notice the soil has a great influence on the quality of the fruit. Exceptional wine couldn’t exist without exist exceptional grapes. The soil is the support of the vine and we want to understand the incidence of the terroir on our wines. Each plot is controlled and is grow with love like to a child. Our job needs passion, patience and humility.

Écueil 1er Cru 
Village located south west of Reims Mountain. It planted with 80% of pinot noir grape, 15% of chardonnay grape, 5% of meunier grape. Soils are very different : the top of the hillside is clayey, composed with clay limestone and deep chalky. The bottom is sandy.

Sacy 1er Cru
Village located south west of Reims Mountain. Two plots called « les Cretieux » and « the Croix » have been planted with pinot noir grape in 1982 and 1977. The soil is sandy and deep chalky. This terroir brings freshness and finesse to the wines.

Villers-aux-Nœuds 1er Cru 
A plot located in a plain at 3km south of Reims. « Mont Benoit » is facing south and is planted with pinot noir grape from 1958. The soil is composed with clay, silt and chalky subsoil. The terroir brings pinot noir minimality and personality.

In the Winery

“I choose a simple and ancestral winemaking. I have the wish to reveal the personality of each terroir, grape or year : «  years go by and are not alike ». Grapes are picked at high maturity to avoid adding sugar for the fermentation. The whole fermentation takes place in old oak barrels; wood comes from the Mountain of Reims. Fermentation starts spontaneously thanks to natural yeast in the must (indigen yeasts). Second fermentation is controlled in order to preserve freshness and vivacity to the wine. Then wine matures (ripens) 9 months on lees in barrels till the bottling. Our aim is to sublimate what the Nature gave to us !”

Gaspard Brochet
Artisan vigneron à Ecueil

Where in the World is Champagne Vincent Brochet?

Champagne Vincent Brochet is based Écueil with vineyards in Sacy and a parcel of Le Mont-Benoit in Villers-aux-Noeuds.

The map below shows the main sub-regions of Champagne

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From left to right Champagne vineyards by Soil Type, Aspect and Dominant Varietal

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Where in the world does the magic happen?

Champagne Vincent BROCHET, Rue de Villers aux Nœuds, Écueil, France





Montagne de Reims