Nebbiolo, pronounced NEH-bee-oh-low, is such a unique variety. The name is derived from the Italian word Nebbia meaning fog.

Two theories for the name exist. The first that it refers to the fog that the vineyards of the Langhe are often immersed in. Second that the natural bloom that covers the grapes gives them a foggy appearance. Given the latter applies to most red grapes I prefer the former! There are 4 main clones of which Nebbiolo Lampia dominates over  Nebbiolo Michet, Rosé (now proven to be a different variety), and, Bolla.

Where is it grown?

Southern central and north Piemonte: Langhe including Verduno, Roero, Ast, Carema, Biella, Novara and Vercelli. In Alto Piedmonte’s Gattinara, it is known as Spanna, we have seen Giacomo Conterno buy Nervi to produce wines in this region. It is also grown in the lower parts of the Valle d’Aosta where it is known as Picotendroi, and, Valtellina in Lombardy where it is called Chiavennasca among others.

What does it taste like?

The ultimate case of not judging a book by its cover, Nebbiolo, at first appears pale in colour, old wines can have the appearance of rusty tap water.

Then you smell it! The aroma of most red wines is dominated by fruit characters. In contrast, Nebbiolo’s aroma is typically a mix of complex secondary aromas, earthy, tarry, spice, rose, citrus peel, woody herbs like rosemary, liquorice, phenol, dark chocolate, tobacco, truffles, leather, and, dark cherry fruit, often more evident on the palate. You’ll see this difference immediately by comparing it two the other two main Piedmontese varieties Barbera and Dolcetto.

Good Nebbiolo has a core of fruit running the length of your tongue, along with layers of those same secondary characters. Nebbiolo’s grape tannins give it a distinct texture, that for those who have not tried it before can seem hard, and, unyielding. Look for the quality and depth of tannin.

Achieving well balance tannin, alcohol, and, acidity makes for great Nebbiolo.

More than most other Italian wines, Nebbiolo, demands food to be at its best. A little fat and salt, enhance the texture and bring out the flavours.

Cascina Fontana's Latest!

2016 Oddero + 2013 Riserva Vigna Rionda!

The 2013 Barolo Riserva ‘Vigna Rionda’
Lands 12 December 2020

The Beginning

The Barbarescos

The Barolos

I cracked a Brunate drank ⅓ & lost it at the back of about 50 open bottles. 2 weeks later it had gone from having all the elements but with the volumes set at the wrong level to divine creature that entranced!

The film below is in Italian, seriously, just soak it up!

The podcast from Levi Dalton with Isabella Oddero from 2009 and one with Giacomo Oddero that just dropped is well worth a listen.

Luigi Oddero's 2016's + Friends

It’s all about Perfume & Texture!

If you have a Barolo MGA 360º subscription check out the Vigna Rionda Cru in exceptional detail

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Poderi Colla Barbaresco 'Roncaglie' 2016

The Hit List from 2016 Barbaresco is Insane! Now this from one of Piedmont’s God Fathers!

Hits our Warehouse 2nd Nov!

Below you’ll find a few video snapshots of Poderi Colla. The podcast with Beppe, who sadly passed away in Jan 2019, has some wonderful insights.

2016 Massolino Release!

Giovanni Rosso!

2016 Fratelli Alessandria

Nebbiolo ... The Beginning!

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