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Terroir al Límit Terra de Cuques 2021

White Blend | Priorat, Spain

Huber's Village white is incredibly intriguing. It's rare to see so much packed into a wine & for it to have such poise at the same time! Terra De Cuques - which translates as 'place of the fireflies' - takes its name from the fireflies that light up the landscape in this area at night. Fireflies are extremely sensitive to chemical contamination, like ladybirds, and their presence indicates a healthy vineyard environment. Terra de Cuques is a blend of 90% Pedro Ximénez from the clay soils fr
$92ea in any 3+
$87ea in any 6+

Terroir al Límit Terra Pedra de Guix 2018

White Blend | Priorat, Spain

Huber's 1er Cru level white steps up to the plate. One of the most fascinating whites I've seen in ages! Vi de Coster, the equivalent of 1er Cru wine. As we have said before, this is one of the most mineral, sculpted whites we know—it tastes as if the wine was tapped directly from pure rock—which of course it was. Forget about how rare white Priorat is, Pedra de Guix gives the great whites of the world a run for their money. This is a blend of three varieties from three villages: Poboleda
$167ea in any 3+
$160ea in any 6+

Toro Albalá Don PX Convento Selección 375ml 1955

Pedro Ximénez | Spain, Montilla-Moriles

16.5% ABV. “One more single-harvest, old sweet wine, the 1955 Don PX Convento Selección was bottled in September 2014 and it had been aged slowly in very old American oak barrels and getting thick and concentrated through evaporation. Its 320 grams of sugar are (partially) compensated by 6.5 grams of acidity. It has a nose and palate of chocolate-covered candied orange, spices, molasses. I'd say the dominant aromas in the nose are dark chocolate. It's very dense, developing notes of very conc
$385ea in any 3+
$375ea in any 6+