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Champagne Suenen Oiry Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru NV (Base 2016)

Suenen is making wines of incredible purity. The Oiry (the village from which the wine is made) has divine intensity and purity. Aurelien has nailed the balance between freshness and development blending the base 2016 wine with its and freshness and crunch, and, reserve wine made from the previous year 2013, 2014 & 2015 blend. The aged wines bringing a lovely harmony and richness. Layering in complexity. It has salinity and acid tension with generosity from the reserve wine. This is an impre

Champagne Suenen C+C Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru NV (Base 2016)

Great to see this side by side with the Oiry. The C+C, a blend of wines from Cramant and Chouilly opens with funk, richness, a savoury layer with a little phenolic grip and chalky acid. Given time, it freshens in the glass, harmonising. White grapefruit and flowers build with a herbal hint. It performs the wonderful trick of building energy and vibrancy in the glass. The initial edge of funk comes off revealing more layers. Aurelien suggests the Cramant portion offers creaminess and the Chouilly