Red Wine

There’s 1,000’s of red grape varieties grown around the world making a diverse range of wines.

Exploring the red wine world will take you from lighter more elegant wines to brash, bold wines.

There are infinite combinations of different colours, aromas, flavours, and, textures making for a lifelong pleasure fest for your senses.

A dozen varieties make up the majority of the red wines produced. Think Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and, Merlot.

Are travels to Italy, Spain, and, France have seen more Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Sangiovese, Nerello Mascelese, Grenache, Carignan, and, Tempranillo red wines being poured into our glasses.

The wine world is producing better wines than ever before. In regions where laws permit broad experimentation with growing and making red wines is resulting in rapid evolution and refinement of styles.

In countries like Australia, cooler climate reds are really making a name for themselves.

Gobally, there’s been a welcome shift away for cumbersome, overripe, high alcohol, oaky wines, to red wines made with more restraint and freshness.

Our tip, celebrate the different personalities of each!

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About Mongeard-Mugneret The Mongeard family arrived in Vosne-Romanée in the 1620, with records showing a Mongeard working as vigneron for Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in 1786. Their legacy now spans over eight generations, however they continue to produce wine with the utmost respect for tradition. In 1945, Jean Mongeard, whose mother was a Mugneret, found […]
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A combination of three parcels throughout the famous Sanford & Benedict vineyard. Two of the plantings are 10-12 years old, but certainly responsible for the dark, deep core of this wine. The third piece, a small fermentation of the original, own-rooted plantings from 1971, brings the elegance and floral lift. Antonio Galloni, Vinous 94 Points
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Fanco's done it again!

Hoddles Creek Estate Pinot Noir 2022

Pinot Noir | Yarra Valley, Australia

You'd be hard pressed to fined a better value Pinot than this! Cherry, plum, baking spice, a little more earthy – more bass than treble here – some vanilla, thyme and mint in the mix too. It’s full of juicy red and black fruited flavour, a slight orange peel amaro twist through it, a pleasing amount of grainy/silty tannin, kind of autumnal too, a little rhubarb and spice, with a juicy and sappy finish of excellent length. Lots of flavour and a good amount of chewy texture. It’s balance o

Wine Decoded ‘Bathtub’ Yarra Valley Cabernet 2015

Cabernet Sauvignon | Yarra Valley, Australia

The Wait is Over … Our 1st Wine Decoded Wine is Here! This is Not Just a Wine! This is 27 years in the making! Finally it is here, the first wine to be released under my own label! Just a little bit excited 😉 Explore below for all the juice on making, the style & what's next! Thanks to all the friends the helped make this possible! Our Wine Decoded 'Bathtub' Cabernet is an elegant rendition, with a perfumed scent, layered with an earthiness, vibrant and fresh. The texture is th
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Wine Decoded Yarra Valley Shiraz 2016

Shiraz/Syrah | Yarra Valley, Australia

The Wait is Over … Our 2nd Ever Wine Decoded Wine is Here! This is Not Just a Wine! This is 28 years in the making! I've made 100's of wines, this is only the 2nd to be released under my own label. Just a little bit excited 😉 Explore below for all the juice on making, the style & what's next! Thanks to all the friends who helped make this possible! I have tasted 3 wines made by different makers from the same Shiraz. All show characteristics of the site, yet they are incredibly
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An Icon!

Clonakilla O’Raida Shiraz HALF 2021

Shiraz/Syrah | Murrumbatemen, Australia

A great introduction to Shiraz from Clonakilla & Murumbatemen, Canberra. Cool climate Shiraz with excellent texture and shape. Opulent & generous fruit, tamed by excellent tannins with an edge of playful grip and energetic acid. Plum and red fruit have spice, savoury, graphite, and that hallmark pepper playing around with florals making for an entrancing perfume. Delicious, complete, harmonious, and thirst-quenching!
$32ea in any 3+
$29ea in any 6+
Meet the future of McLaren Vale

Bondar Rayner Vineyard Grenache 2016

Grenache | McLaren Vale, Australia

Grenache is Back Baby! ... and in Style! So many good wines coming out of Aus! 20 years ago making wines like these would have made you an outcast in McLaren Vale. Times have changed, and, I'm glad they have. Andre & Silena's Rayner Vineyard Grenache (Check out their review in 1min) shows a level of sophistication and rich core of fruit, perfectly balanced with the kind of quality tannins that you can only get from old vines, we're talking 45+ years.
$38ea in any 6+
$36ea in any 12+

San Giusto a Rentennano Fuori Misura Rosato Toscano 2022

Red Blend | Tuscany, Chianti Classico

Dang! This is foine woine! Personality+++ This ain't no blinkity blink pink link! It's got the full sink! Delicious. It takes some mad skills to pull off a wine like this. The balance point between rosé & light red, the crunch with real flavour, the texture. Sure winemaking smarts are key, it's that innate sense of touch that allows a cluey vigneron to layer in the kind of character this has that makes the real difference. Is it a Light Red or a Rosé? Who cares, it just an ace wine.
$40ea in any 3+
$37ea in any 6+

Benevelli Piero Langhe Nebbiolo 2022

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barolo

The Perfect intro to Nebbiolo from Italy! It's got all the complexity & style of good Neb. The Neb-Heads GO MENTAL! Varieties like Nebbiolo and Pinot can take a bit to get your head around. Sometimes you just need the right wine to kick you off. This does the job nicely. From one of the greatest Nebbiolo growing regions in the world Monforte! Year in year out this is has been the best value Neb in our portfolio. Always a great perfume a little spice, a wicked core cherry of fruit. Depth and l
$41.5ea in any 3+
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Bernard Baudry Chinon Le Domaine 2019

Cabernet Franc | Touraine, France

A dense, savoury style with wonderful aromatic spice and earth character that feels very true to the Cabernet Franc variety. Le Domaine has a meaty, ferrous, animal nose so typical of top-notch Chinon and this particular Baudry cuvée shows a complex, fluid, sappy palate with roasted meat, wet earth, blackberry pastille and menthol characters. This is not at all a modern, pure, fruit-driven red, but rather it harks back to the more rustic, complex, sauvage, Rabelaisian Chinons of old. That said,
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$42ea in any 6+

Bilancia Syrah 2020

Shiraz/Syrah | New Zealand, Hawke's Bay

This comes from 20 yo vines from property next door with some La Collina pressings. Subtle, the flow here is more even long & supple than the 2019. Mid-weight with excellent red dark and spiced fruit, sophisticated and elegant. Musk, perfume, flow. Fresh elegant, sophisticated. Energetic and fresh and thirst quenching. Beautifully weighted.  Fine long even. Lovely build in tannin. Subtle sophisticated spice and a little licorice. Very bloody good! Tasting the 2020 with Warren and L
$43ea in any 3+
$40ea in any 6+
Great refreshing red. Light on foot it packs plenty of flavour into a thirst-quenching drink. Great refreshing red. Light on foot it packs plenty of flavour into a thirst-quenching drink. Crunchy fruit and fine acid match red fruits a little spice and flowers. So easy to devour, perfect as the weather warms. 50% Grenache 50% Syrah. Made from 40 year old vines this is 100% tank fermented.
$46ea in any 3+
$44ea in any 6+

Swinney Syrah 2021

Shiraz/Syrah | West Australia, Australia

Beautifully refined with vibrant fresh fruit. Excellent élévage and exceptional mouthfeel. Plush and delicately spiced with a satisfying generosity and balanced twist of whole bunch. "The 2021 Syrah is a haunting, glowing crimson in the glass. I love the tannins here—they're so good that they compel me to look beyond the fruit and to the structure, which is a rare occurrence. There are notes of pink peppercorns and Sichuan peppercorn, and the fruit has purity, clarity and a supple flo
$45ea in any 6+
$42ea in any 12+

Swinney Grenache 2021

Grenache | West Australia, Australia

Vibrant and elegant with fine, long tannins. Flint and slate marry perfume and violets. Gently flowing complex red fruits, with balanced harmonised acid. Layered savoury, earthy, saline. A success with loads of energy! The Swinney Grenache is grown on bush vines, on a northeast-facing slope in the gravels of Frankland River. It is so different from the wines produced in South Australia (McLaren Vale, Barossa, etc). I love the clarity and the bloodiness of the wine in this vintage. The tan
$45ea in any 3+
$42ea in any 6+

Swinney Mourvèdre 2021

Mourvèrdre | West Australia, Australia

Mouvèdre is more often seen as a blending component offering a superb perfume of violets and flowers, structured tannins yet not necessarily the overt fruit making it a perfect fit in a Grenache Shiraz Mouvèdre. Although I didn't get to try this wine the 2021 Swinney Mouvèdre demonstrated why a stand-alone version from this Frankland River version works. Australian wine often has opulent sweet fruit that needs taming, in this instance the fruit gives their Mouvèdre the missing link to making
$45ea in any 3+
$42ea in any 6+
Brings Back Memories!

Corzano e Paterno Chianti ‘Terre di Corzano’ 2021

Red Blend | Tuscany, Chianti Classico

This wine, along with Corzano e Paterno’s top of the line 100% Sangiovese ‘I Tre Borri’ were two of the first Chianti’s that that piqued my interest and demonstrated the potential of this beautiful variety. Fresh zippy acid, red cherry, excellent tannins with a little playful grip and spice. Delicious.  Grape first. Earthy profile with dark fruit of energy and vibrancy a little perfume floats over the top ~ violets me thinks. Layered delicious and vibrant an excellent comparison to
$46ea in any 3+
$43ea in any 6+