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Bondar Rayner Vineyard Grenache 2016

Grenache is Back Baby! ... and in Style! So many good wines coming out of Aus!

20 years ago making wines like these would have made you an outcast in McLaren Vale. Times have changed, and, I’m glad they have. Andre & Silena’s Rayner Vineyard Grenache (Check out their review in 1min) shows a level of sophistication and rich core of fruit, perfectly balanced with the kind of quality tannins that you can only get from old vines, we’re talking 45+ years.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

We spent an afternoon with Andre and Silena from Bondar. It was everything wine should be, fun, full of laughs, and, just a few glasses of delicious wine. Check out the full Video & article in The Wine Bites Mag.

The new wave of winemakers from McLaren Vale and the Barossa have shifted away from over the top wines that are hard to drink more than a glass of in one sitting.

Their wines retain a great concentration of fruit, yet, they are more sophisticated, vibrant, fresh, with beautiful textures. Rather than masking amazing fruit with over ripe jammy characters, they are looking after their vineyards, picking earlier, and, pulling back on oak.

In a nutshell they are making delicious, ever so drinkable wine that you can choose to simple devour or if you want get your wine geek on. Wines that you can drink half a bottle of, not have noticed, think, wow that was delicious, and, you just can’t wait to drink the rest of the bottle.

Andre & Silena with their Bondar Wines sit firmly in this new wave, lovers of fun wines!

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