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Meet the future of McLaren Vale

Bondar Fiano 2020

Fiano | South Australia, Australia

Fiano - A little bit of Italy that has made it's way to Australia! Fiano one of those Italian varieties that just seems to work in the warmer regions of Australia. It holds it's acid, giving the wines great texture and balance, the flavours from the skins are superb, spice and all things nice. It has just a slight silvery line of bitterness to finish, common to so many good Italian whites, which perfectly cleans the finish and marries it to food beautifully.
$27ea in any 6+
$25ea in any 12+
Meet the future of McLaren Vale

Bondar Rayner Vineyard Grenache 2016

Grenache | McLaren Vale, Australia

Grenache is Back Baby! ... and in Style! So many good wines coming out of Aus! 20 years ago making wines like these would have made you an outcast in McLaren Vale. Times have changed, and, I'm glad they have. Andre & Silena's Rayner Vineyard Grenache (Check out their review in 1min) shows a level of sophistication and rich core of fruit, perfectly balanced with the kind of quality tannins that you can only get from old vines, we're talking 45+ years.
$38ea in any 6+
$36ea in any 12+