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Bernard Baudry Chinon Le Domaine 2019

Cabernet Franc | Touraine, France

A dense, savoury style with wonderful aromatic spice and earth character that feels very true to the Cabernet Franc variety. Le Domaine has a meaty, ferrous, animal nose so typical of top-notch Chinon and this particular Baudry cuvée shows a complex, fluid, sappy palate with roasted meat, wet earth, blackberry pastille and menthol characters. This is not at all a modern, pure, fruit-driven red, but rather it harks back to the more rustic, complex, sauvage, Rabelaisian Chinons of old. That said,
$44ea in any 3+
$42ea in any 6+
Lovely plump juice that caresses the palate. Loads of energy here. Crunchy fruits perfumed with violets and baking spice. The texture here is exceptional incredibly fine tannins even tannins. Line and length of juicy acid. Loving the finesse here. Superb drinking. Sate the deepest of thirsts!
$51ea in any 3+
$48ea in any 6+

Roches Neuves Samur-Champigny 2021

Cabernet Franc | Saumur-Champigny, D'Anjou-Saumur

Beautiful, plump yet linear fruit average 25 up to 70 years. Wild and tank only ferment. Bright lovely balance and flow. Great way to start the range. A little spice woody herb a little violets and blue fruits. A herbal note in a refreshing & very nice way. Moderate weight and length. Restrained crunchy and delicious. As per Gibb's note could easily be drunk with a couple of degrees knocked off it. “The 2021 Domaine des Roches Neuves is made in a light bodied, delicate and fragrant
$54ea in any 3+
$51ea in any 6+

Château Pierre-Bise Savennières ‘Clos de Coulaine’ 2018

Chenin Blanc | Savennières, D'Anjou-Saumur

The extra couple of years here gives us an idea of where the 2020 Roche Aux Moines will head. Honeyed, lemon, baking spices a little of the lanolin character that seems to come through in Chenin from Anjou-Samur. Again the transparency of pear fruit with textural phenolic elements at play. Divine wine. Thirst quenching and delicious.
$56ea in any 3+
$53ea in any 6+

Marc Brédif Vouvray Classic 2009

Chenin Blanc | Vouvray, France

Chenin has a beautiful perfume, pear, citrus, spice, ginger, honey and so much more! It’s mid-weight and the Classic from Brédif builds a lovely level of opulence as it ages. Texturally it’s luscious, caressing your tongue. It’s just so easy to hoover!
$57ea in any 3+
$54ea in any 6+

Domaine Guiberteau Samur Blanc 2020

Chenin Blanc | Saumur, France

This is 100% Chenin Blanc, grown on the calcareous soils in and around Brézé, more precisely, from younger vines in Clos de Guichaux and Clos des Carmes, as well as some old vines from the Bas de Pentes terroir of Brézé. Then there is a splash of Les Chapaudaises from Bizay. As any Saumurois will tell you, these terroirs are some of the crown jewels of Saumur (particularly the Clos des Carmes which sits on the chalky mother-rock of the Brézé hill, just below the Château de Bréz�
$63ea in any 3+
$60ea in any 6+
La Haie Nardin Samur Blanc come a single, one-hectare lieu-dit of 50-year old vines. It's a playful, thirst-quenching Chenin that opens with layers of orchard fruit - poached quince, pear - bright citrus, and hints of baking spice. Bone-dry with grapefuit acidity, this wine is fresh on the palate with a sublte funk and faint hits of lanolin. It's an impressive gateway to the Clos de L'Écotard wines, with terrific balance and good development.
$65ea in any 3+
$62ea in any 6+

Terre de l’Elu Vin de France ‘Bastingage’ 2020

Chenin Blanc | Loire Valley, Anjou

Excellent development, delicious. Profile sitting somewhere between a tight Savennieres and rich Vouvry. Love the shape. Lovely mid-palate weight, spice. Long and fine. Older oak maturation followed by a spell in tank makes for a fresh wine with very good élévage. Citrus, a faint line of maple, a touch of fejoa combine with a mineral feel and a layered texture to make for a complete wine.
$72ea in any 3+
$69ea in any 6+
L'Enroulée is a one-off cuvée and is a blend of Le Haie Nardin, which is normally a separate wine, “rolled together” this parcel with the fruit from his vines in Les Quarts-Saint-Vincent.This wine gives a prnounced perfume of white blossom and jasmine. Clos de l'Écotard's hallmark quince is back with more length and depth, as well as a pop of lanolin. The acidity and texture here are superb; mineral and lon, with a layer of phenolics playing nicely on the tongue. Flavours of maple, nuts a
$82ea in any 3+
$78ea in any 6+

Clos de l’Écotard Saumur Blanc 2019

Chenin Blanc | Saumur, France

The estate's signature wine, the Clos de Ecotard, offers a refined and harmonoious expression of Chenin Blanc. With white flowers and delicate perfume, flavours of ripe pear, maple spice and a mineral undercurrent are balanced by a taut line of invigorating acidity. The texture gradually builds on the palate and takes shape beautifully in the mouth, with wonderful depth and length and a gentle sweep of phenolics characterise by a fine silvery bitterness on the finish.
$82ea in any 3+
$78ea in any 6+
This is where it's at! Simply put, superb drinking. The harmony and personality, the energy and layered complexity, the mouthfeel and lingering joy. Wow. The fruit profile here is entrancing, seamlessly integrated with so many wonderful secondary aromas. A faint hint of lanolin that wool like note, baking spices, a little earthiness. Pear, quince, apricot, jasmine and so much more. This is such a pleasure to drink. The freshest and zippiest of the three styles with a mineral, slightly chalky fee
$83ea in any 3+
$79ea in any 6+
Wine of personality keep on coming from Savennieres. Lythe, transparent fruit. Dry with pear, baking spice and candied citrus peel. Somehow they have managed to combine a weightless feel with the depth of fruit,a little phenolics and glycerol making for a luscious caress of the tongue. A fine wine that as with all dry Chenin will need a couple of years to start expressing itself in full. I can see why the 2018 managed to score 1 of just 50 wines in show out of almost 19,000 at Decanters 2021 Awa
$83ea in any 3+
$79ea in any 6+
Pretty, fine, long, textured & rich. Quince fruit with lovely caressing phenolics & a refreshing finish. A faint lick of green leafy herbs chervil or tarragon. Fine, a lovely pithy finish cleansing with a little bitterness. Wild ferment in 1200 stockingers 600 barrels. Fresh & thirst-quenching. Opened beautifully in the glass. Yum! Out to play now with plenty to come.
$83ea in any 3+
$79ea in any 6+
Super zippy, mineral acid with the core of fruit to support it. Excellent depth and length. Elegantly walks the knifes edge of oxidative handling helping layer in intriguing characters from a perfectly developed yet fresh wine. You can only play that game if you have the quality of fruit to do so. Heading down the quince, poached pear, baking spice, with lemon, lime citrus and a little candied zest. Complexing wet wool / lanolin around the edges balancing the perfumed components. Textural ele
$87ea in any 3+
$83ea in any 6+

Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc Grey Label 2021

Chenin Blanc | Loire Valley, Anjou

On the 2020: ”Unlike his Savennieres, the fruit for Boudignon’s 2020 Anjou blanc is purchased. The result is a pure, clean wine with delectable purity. There are delicate flavours of just ripe pineapple, citrus, nettles and a subtle hint of vanilla. It is fermented and aged in both 500 liter barrels and oval Stockinger ‘cigars’. A line of acidity ulls this wine through to a refined conclusion. It can be approached now for its fine fruit but will go on.” Rebecca Gibb MW, Vinous 91 Po
$100ea in any 3+
$95ea in any 6+
Dry 3g/L

Huet Vouvray Sec ‘Le Mont’ 2021

Chenin Blanc | Vouvray, D'Anjou-Saumur

“This 2021 Le Mont Sec fills the mouth with pear, pineapple, nectarine and violet flavors. There’s a sense of seduction and succulence through the middle of this wine. The flint and the coolness of the site seem to bring a sense of tension and purpose through this wine, which seduces you then spits you out. Delightful fragrance and a mouthwatering, racy finish.” Rebecca Gibb, Vinous 96 Points
$105ea in any 3+
$100ea in any 6+