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Giovanni Rosso Ester Canale Rosso Barolo Langhe Nebbiolo 2017

Nebbiolo from Serralunga d'Alba, Barolo, Piedmont, Italy


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This is the replanted portion of Vigna Rionda, stil too young to be worthy of the Barolo classification. The 2015 was awarded 98 Points by the Wine Doctor.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

Crafted by Davide Rosso and Andrea Delpiano from their Serralunga d’Alba estate vineyards. The purity of expression of nebbiolo is breathtaking, and while many of us will find it challenging to wait, these are wines of considerable ageing potential.

This is the replanted portion of Vigna Rionda, stil too young to be worthy of the Barolo classification.

Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo
Planted in: 2011
Training system: Guyot
Exposition: SOUTH
Alcohol: 14,0% vol.
Bottles: 3200
First year of production: 2015

Harvest time: middle of October.
The fermentation lasts some 23 days according to the vintage with daily pumping over of the wine mass with délestages at half of the period (fermentation in concrete tanks).
The aging is conducted in 25 large barrels of Fontainebleau Forest oak (12 months)

Perfumes: deep and intense bouquet; rose, blackberry, wild strawberries, peach and sweet spices.
Taste: soft and charming entrance; vigorous notes of fresh fruits; mouthfilling with gentle tannins; slightly savoury with licorice notes.
Pairings: cod stew, stuffed duck, spicy snails.
(Service Temp.: 16°-17°C).

About Giovanni Rosso

Everything started at the beginning of the last century, with Tommaso Canale and his wife, Esterina: both shared a passion for wine and in the early 30s, with a typical pioneering attitude and huge economic sacrifices, they started to acquire some of the most beautiful vineyards in Serralunga, one of the best areas for viticulture in the Langhe, including, in 1934, the jewel, Vigna Rionda.

They worked hard, with courage, fortitude and determination, and even when hail threatened, each family member was ready to roll up their sleeves to contribute. Their sons Aldo and Amelio helped in the vineyards, their characters complementing one another perfectly.

Then came the war, and with it havoc and suffering, Tommaso dying in 1945. After this event, even in their grief, Aldo and Amelio had to be ready to face a new challenge together. The two brothers had inherited about 2ha of Vigna Rionda and after the war they came back to work the land,
carrying on what their father had started.

They both knew they had not inherited just a piece of land, but also the same enthusiasm and love for wine with which they had been surrounded when growing up between the rows of Serralunga. As with their parents, Serralunga was in their blood, Vigna Rionda in their hearts. They replanted Vigna Rionda in 1946 and these same vines are still there, producing beautiful fruit for Amelio’s grandson, Davide Rosso, to work with today.

Unfortunately, Amelio died in 1963. His wife Cristina Canale and his daughter Ester tried to take care of the vineyard but they experienced difficulties: after the war the labour force had begun to move to the burgeoning factories of Torino, while the countryside was slowly being depopulated.

Eventually, mother and daughter were forced to make a bitter choice: give up their vineyard at Vigna Rionda. But both were aware of the fact that what had been achieved could not be abandoned so easily: Vigna Rionda belonged to the family. That strip of land was linked to generations of
winemakers, united by a spirit of fraternity. So, thanks to the intervention of grandma Esterina, the plot was sold to Aldo, who continued to produce wine from this exceptional site and ensured it stayed within the family.

In 1998 Aldo was succeeded by his son Tommaso, who bore not only the same name but the same passion as his grandfather. The strong bond that had existed between Aldo and Amelio recurred between their son and daughter, cousins Tommaso and Ester, who supported each other.

Tommaso shared his great passion with his nephew Davide Rosso, talking with him about their wine and vineyards at home in Serralunga, and always the conversation would turn to Vigna Rionda, even among all the family’s plots, the first among equals.

In December 2010 Tommaso died suddenly, leaving a huge void in the family. But this latest setback brings with it the sense of a new cycle, repeating history, just as a vine comes back to life when spring takes the place of winter. On 23rd April 2011, ownership of Amelio’s original plot of 0.85ha in Vigna Rionda passed to Azienda Agricola Giovanni Rosso, the winery founded by Ester’s husband. Thus, forty years after being forced to sell, Ester Canale is once again able to harvest grapes from the vines that she knew and walked among as a child.

This iconic parcel, no. 251P of map Foglio no. 8 of the commune of Serralunga, has been legendary for many years thanks to the grapes and subsequently the wine that Aldo and Tommaso sold to some of the greatest producers, most notably Bruno Giacosa, Giuseppe Mascarello…
Vigna Rionda, described by many journalists and commentators as the ‘Romanée-Conti of Barolo’, is home again.

The Giovanni Rosso 2016 Vintage

2016 has come at just the right time. We have a number of winemakers with incredible experience and wine wisdom. The vineyards in Barolo are in the best condition they’ve been in with incredible detail going into their care.

Combined we have a situation where vignerons are in the best possible position to make the most of the great fruit yielded by the 2016 harvest!

When you compare the 2015 & 2016 vintages you see the difference between a warmer vintage with a shorter ripening period and a cooler one with the longest ripening period in memory.

Nebbiolo responds beautifully to a cooler longer ripening. Once it reaches sugar level high enough to make a wine around 14-14.5% alcohol the sugar levels stop increasing, it tends to hold its acid and the tannins so important to the insane mouthfeel of Nebbiolo ripen and increase in depth.

Such vintages tend to offer wines with more perfume, energy, and, vitality.


Giovanni’s son, Davide, studied Oenology and gained invaluable experience in France. In 2001 Davide, then 27 years old, took charge of the vinification & affinamento/elevage of the wines with one goal in mind: “Wine should be a perfect copy of its terroir“… in this case from the slopes of Serralunga d’Alba, among the finest soils in the world.

Davide’s passion for Burgundy and working experience in France sees him use Fontainebleau oak botti for all his wines, with the exception of the Ester Canale Rosso Barolo Vigna Rionda, which for historical reasons, is matured in a single 16 hectolitre Slavonian oak botte.

Where in the World is Giovanni Rosso?

The Giovanni Rosso cantina (winery) is located in the hamlet of Baudana, just a couple of kilometres north of Serralunga d’Alba village. The most prized vineyard holding is that of Vigna Rionda with holdings in the Crus of Cerretta, La Serra, Broglio, Meriame, Sorano, Costa Bella, Lirano & Damiano.

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This 3D flyover is Epic covering each of the communes you can see just how varied and extreme the aspect of each vineyard is and how in the space of a few metres just how dramatically the change.

Where in the world does the magic happen?

Az.Agricola Giovanni Rosso, Serralunga d'Alba, Province of Cuneo, Italy

Serralunga d'Alba