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The Wine Decoded Sugar Free Diet Fizz 3-Pack

Champagne from Champagne, France


Closure: Cork
Zero does Champagne has nowhere to hide it's either bloody good or battery acid with fizz and alcohol in it!


Champagne makers, like all winemakers, have more than a few tricks up there sleeves. One of them is adding extra sugar to make up for poor quality fruit. It’s OK to add a little for balance, not so much to make up for watering wine!

When bottled without any sugar in the dosage, the wines have no artefact to hide behind. It has to stand on its own two feet. Typically we see Brut Natures or Zero dose wines aged for a little longer on lees to allow them time to harmonise and resolve before they are released.

Such is the case for these wines, the 3rd Release of Roederer’s Brut Nature collaboration with Phillipe Starck, Clouet’s Silver & Sélèque’s Nature.

These are wines of great purity with excellent fruit and minerality. Loads of fun!

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Where in the world does the magic happen?

Reims, France