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A Vino de Pasto from the laminated Albarizas Barajuelas of Pago Macharnudo. Gold and green to look and smell. It has a semi-fermentated barley-sake-ricey-acetic tang and gourd skin, paddy-melon-in-the-cool-of-night-edginess. There's a titch of steel and the smell of reeds and rush matting, stripped bamboo, lemongrass outers and typical pistachio skin. It's a wine of lovely depth with some richness, but edged sweet-sour. Scott Walsey, The Spanish Acquisition 🔥Hot Tip: Drink over days
$85ea in any 3+
$81ea in any 6+

Bodegas Luis Pérez Fino Caberrubia NV Saca III

Palomino | Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Caberrubia is Bodegas Luis Pérez's answer to NV Grand Cru Champagne! 'Caberrubia' is the name of a local bird which has returned to these vineyards since they were converted to organics. All natural alcohol. It's saline, iodine, balsamic, deeply chalky, deeply savoury, rich with balancing bitterness. Drinking it is like skiing down an intermediate slope, deep and winding but not too rushed, there's heaps of time to explore the chalk and every delicate switch and fold of texture and flavour.
$87ea in any 3+
$83ea in any 6+
A Vino de Pasto from the laminated Albarizas Barajuelas of Pago Macharnudo. The 2022 La Escribano Vino di Pasto 1 year in old fino casks, a tiny bit of ullage and a thin layer of flor. It's exhilarating, energetic drinking ~ lightning! Fascinating to see the balance of flavours showing a little more citrus fruit popping through, still with the usual savoury cereal characters. Saline with textural pleasure a plenty. Green leafy herb at the edge. A playful divine wine.  🔥Hot Tip: Drink
$89ea in any 3+
$85ea in any 6+