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Medium Sweet
The  10-Year-Old Boal is an excellent example of the complex flavour profile that result from the madeirisation process, combining rich, sweet fruit with savoury, often funky, characters. The nose blossoms in the glass with notes of opulent dried fruit, toffee and brown sugar notes along with hints of char and mineral rancio character. The palate is smooth in texture with a nice zing of acidity. Flavours of candied citrus, caramel and sweet spice balance with intriguing savoury character, culmi
$65ea in any 3+
$62ea in any 6+
Medium Sweet - 80-100g/l
A real head-turner. Aromas of maple syrup, bitter orange marmalade and a touch of iodine. The palate is rich and full-bodied; silky on the tongue, it gives prunes, raisins, sweet spice and bitter almond, culminating in a sweet-smoke finish. Such clearly defined flavours highlight the unique winemaking processes at work, and its well-balanced structure makes appears like a much drier wine through the palate. My personal pick of the Five Year Old Reserves – this is seriously compelling wine!
$81ea in any 3+
$77ea in any 6+
Medium Sweet - 80-100g/l

Pereira D’Oliveiras Boal Colheita 2001

Boal | Portugal, Madeira

A delightful nose combines dark honey with herbal/vegetal, red date, hazelnut, smoke and wood-aged aromas. There’s a range of forest smells (wood, damp foliage, sweet, fresh clean air…), faded plum and a maritime pungency (very much a Boal character) of iodine engendering an umami rich-savouriness. The palate is incredibly subtle and unforced, a wine of natural delicacy where great aged character gives a medium-sweet mid-palate with considerable power. Deliciously sweet jar fruits with lovel
$278ea in any 3+
$268ea in any 6+
Medium Sweet - 80-100g/l
Rich, raisined fruits, figgy with touches of maraschino and fat walnuts in a jam-packed, luscious nose. It’s grapey and succulent, but there’s lift and freshness, too – the smell of first rain after a long dry spell, with fine old balsamic timber complexity. Wonderful toasty-carob and grapey-raisin. The twin-tracked sweetness is beautifully rounded through two-thirds of the palate, then planes out and becomes lighter, drier and more lingering. Nuts and dates slide along a praline slick to
$475ea in any 3+
$460ea in any 6+