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Equipo Navazos La Bota 72 de Palo Cortado “Pata de Gallina” 500ml

Palomino from Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain


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Closure: Cork
Explosive Personality! I'd be Happy Just Smelling it for Hours!


Incredible length and depth. The core of fruit is off tap. Poise, balance and harmony. This is insanely complex. Rich yet elegant. It maintains much more vibrancy and freshness than many of the Palo Cortado’s that I’ve tried from other producers. The last 10 years of maturation was under the control of Equipo Navazos, the casks filled to with in a hand of full. Palo Cortado is in the middle of the Sherry styles. The freshest and lowest alcohol being Fino and Manzanilla at around 16% alcohol, the next slightly more developed Amontillado, then Palo Cortado at around 20%, and finally Olorosso. With an average age of 30 years it’s like paying $20 for a wine today, and drinking it in 2050! Saca of January 2017

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

Produced in small quantities, Palo Cortado starts it’s life as Fino sherry, and, at some point either by design or due to the flor failing it is further fortified killing any remaining flor. Oxidative maturation then continuing for in this case 30 years prior to bottling at a final alcohol around 20.5%.

Listen as Jesús Barquín explores his La Bota 72 de Palo Cortado “Pata de Gallina”

Words from Equipo Navazos

A powerful if extremely elegant Palo Cortado, sourced from oxidative wines. That is the other way to achieve a true palo cortado: wines of remarkable finesse and expressiveness, with very complex nose blending aromas of amontillado and oloroso, plus citrus notes of orange peel.

La Bota de Palo Cortado 72 “Pata de Gallina” comes from a selection we made more than five years ago among the finest casks of oxidative wine owned by Almacenista Juan García Jarana. A previous release was made, La Bota de Palo Cortado 34 “Pata de Gallina”, bottled in 2012 after a short period of fining in a small solera of Equipo Navazos settled at Fernando de Castilla. Since then the wine has aged for five more years in the same tiny solera (locally, ‘altarillo’, for ‘little altar’) that bears our stamp.

The average age of this wine is 30 years.Saca of January 2017. 2,100 bottles, 500ml.

Where in the world does the magic happen?

Chiclana - P. Andalucia, Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain

Chiclana de la Frontera