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John Gilman’s thoughts on the 1971 Vintage

1971- The 1971 vintage is one of those forgotten vintages that were supposed to all be drunk up in their relative youths, but which more than forty-five years on from the vintage, continue to delight. I have had such beautiful wines in the last few years from both sides of the Gironde from this vintage, that I certainly have no preference for one over the other. This was a small crop, which may account for the better than anticipate longevity of the ‘71s, despite it being a vintage that was quite low in acidity. In early tastings, David Peppercorn noted that the 1971s were often preferred over the more structured and concentrated 1970s. Perhaps, like the 2001 vintage, the 1971s have always been in the shadow of their twin vintage of 1970 and this is one of the reasons that the wines do not get a lot of respect in the marketplace, but all of the 1971 Right Bank wines I have had in the last several years have been excellent and are still at their apogees. Contrary to popular wisdom, this is a vintage that does not need drinking up anytime soon.

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The 1971 Petrus is another vintage that I have been fortunate to drink four or five times and, although whereas it once vied with the 1975 for supremacy, recent bottles suggest that it has not kept up the pace and become a little fatigued. That should not detract from what still constitutes a gorgeous wine. This bottle is actually a little fresher and more youthful than others, with perfumed red fruit, truffle and sage, later pressed flower scents. In fact, it gains complexity with aeration. The palate is medium-bodied with more rustic tannins than the 1975 (something Jean-Claude broached between these two vintages). There is plenty of sappiness here, very harmonious and there is an easy-going swagger towards the finish. Whilst not as deep or as complex as the 1970 or 1975, it is entering its dotage with style. Tasted at the Petrus dinner at the Épure restaurant in Hong Kong. TASTED September 2018 Drinking Window 2018-2030

Neal Martin, Vinous

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