Halliday Top 100
Cellar it for a couple of years!

Yabby Lake Block 6 Pinot Noir 2015

Brooding with Sour Cherry and Dark Fruit. Kinda the child to Block 1 and Block 2

It’s got some edgy tannin and extraction on one hand from the Pommard clone of Pinot. On the other it’s got concentration and oppulence from the MV6 clone. Really want to see this wine in another 12-24 months.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

Clonal selection for any vineyard is the ultimate educated guess / leap of faith. You start by looking at your site, seeing what clones are available in the country then you pick one. 30 years later you get to find out if you chose well! You plant it, 3 years later you get fruit, 10 years later the vines start to settle and then 30 years later you could perhaps call them old vine. Only at that point do they reveal the depth and length of tannin and flavour they are capable of. That all assumes you’ve look after the vineyards well.

Pommard is clone named after the village it came from, Pommard, in the Côte du Beaune, Burgundy, France. The region is known for it’s tannic rendition of Pinot and perhaps that’s what we see as one face of this wine.

Like the wines made in Pommard, the Block 6 Pinot should reward a few years in the bottle to relax and give it’s best.

Where in the world does the magic happen?

Yabby Lake, Tuerong Road, Tuerong, Victoria, Australia