The samples I tried on the day, both sulphured & un-sulphured were dramatically different. The unsulphured sample was hard with an aldehyde finish. The sulphured sample fresher, but, closed. Aldehyde had been mopped up by the sulphur.

2 days later the sulphured sample has freshened and opened up beautifully. For around $20 you can get the equipment & sulphur needed to treat more tired old bottles than you’ll drink in a life time. If you have a lot of old wine in the cellar & want to know how to do, this hit me up via the Contact Page or in the comment below.

The full materials and methods are available to registered members of the Wine Decoded community here.


A full pregnancy ie 9 months on I’ve used this technique dozens of times to raise the yumminess of some wines to new levels including for a 1971 Grange vs St Henri Smack Down!


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