What are the shipping costs?

Delivery is calculated in the shopping cart based on your order and delivery address. Under our liquor licence a maximum of 48 bottles can be delivered per day. If your wine needs are greater than this please call us on 1300 811 066 or email [email protected]

National Metro Areas $10 per 12 bottles or part there of.

1-12 Bottles: $10, 13-24 Bottles: $20, 25-36 Bottles: $30, 37-48 Bottles: $40

Remote or Regional Areas $25 per 12 bottles or part there of.

1-12 Bottles: $25, 13-24 Bottles: $50, 25-36 Bottles: $75, 37-48 Bottles: $100

How long will it take for my wine to arrive?

General delivery timelines are below. If you need something urgently please call us on 1300 811 066 to see if we can help. Additional charges may apply.

A delivery estimate is provided with most orders. This will give you an idea of how long parcels typically take to travel the route of your parcel. It’s important to know that this is not a guaranteed delivery date.

Melbourne Metro 3 to 5 days.

NSW, Queensland, SA & Tasmania Metro 4-7 days.

WA Metro 5-9 days.

Regional & Remote 5-14 days.

Can I track my wine?

Most orders are given a unique tracking link which is emailed to you when your wine is collected for delivery. If you don’t have tracking information, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 811 066 for an update.

Do you delivery to my address?

We deliver Australia wide with the exception of the NT and the following Dry and Restricted Alcohol Areas:

Queensland: 4605 4713 4816 4825 4830 4871 4876 4895 4874

WA: 6798 6799 6770 6765 6718 6723 6725 6726 6728 6731 6733 6740 6743 6753 6761 6714 6720 6722

SA: 5680 5690

During checkout, you will be notified if we are unable to deliver to your address.

Can I change my delivery address?

If your wine has not already been collected for delivery we may be able to change your delivery address. Additional charges will apply only if the new delivery address has higher delivery costs.

Depending on the courier used you may be able to change your delivery address once your wine is in transit. An additional shipping fee will apply.

Contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] or call us on 1300 811 066 if you need to change your delivery address.

If you want to permanently change the delivery address registered to your account head to: https://winedecoded.com.au/my-account/edit-address/shipping/

What is your Heat Policy?

Wine Decoded cellars all of our wines in a climate controlled environment.

All dispatched orders are treated with the utmost care.

During the warmer months, we reserve the right to hold orders, in instances of extreme heat, until there is a clear path of non-extreme temperatures between us and you.

All orders are picked and packed and resting in our cellar awaiting better conditions to send the wine.

You may request immediate delivery despite the heat (at your risk).

We will keep in constant contact with recipients but as a rule, unless specified we will hold rather than risk spoiling the wine.

We aim to keep wine temperature below 25℃ during transportation.

We take a proactive approach to minimising the risk of heat damage.

  • We monitor weather at distribution point and destination for the period that transport typically takes from point a to point b.
  • If extreme temperatures are likely we will delay shipping & wine will be stored in our climate controlled facility.
  • We add international standard shipping labels instructing that the wine be protected from heat.
  • Clear notes in large text are added, based on your instruction of where the package can be safely left. We’ll call you to confirm these if clarification is required.
  • Wines will be packaged in insulated containers when appropriate.
  • We will be testing our packaging using temperature data loggers inside and outside the package to determine it’s efficacy and modify as necessary. We’ll report back shortly.

What Science tells us?

There are a number of factors that impact the end condition of wine after shipping.

The method used to make the wine.

  • Styles like Madeira that are subjected to heat during ageing in Estufas will be impacted less.
  • Wines that are exposed to greater oxidative handling during manufacturing.
  • Wines that are heat / cold stabilised prior to bottling.
  • The amount of sulphur added to the wine expressed as molecular sulphur.

The wine style – Young delicate, low sulphur whites vs robust reds.

The wine age – Young or old.

Wines that will be most impacted by heat are young, fresh whites, handled reductively during making and bottled with low sulphur.

The only factor we can control is exposure to heat during transport.

What we know:

  • Within a certain range, temperature fluctuations are less important than accumulated heat units ie time x temperature. A 5hr increase in temperature by 10℃ (5hr x 10℃ = 50 units of heat) would have less impact that 100hr increase in temperature by 100hr increase in temperature by 2 (100hrs x 2℃ = 200 units of heat).
  • Smaller, sustained, increases in temperature will simply result in slightly faster ageing of the wine.
  • Larger, sustained, increases in temperature can result in chemical reactions that result in the wine being cooked, loss of flavour and aroma, pronounced tannins and acids, browning of white wines, loss of colour in reds, and, oxidation.
  • Studies by Professor Cornelius Ough of the University of California suggest that wines can be exposed to temperatures as high as 49℃ for a few hours and not be damaged.
  • The difficulty is that temperature increases result in expansion of the wine increasing pressure in bottle and potentially compromising the seal. A 10℃ increase will result in 2.5ml increase in the volume of a 750ml bottle of wine.
  • We know that the rate of chemical reaction, effectively maturation, for bottled wine doubles with every 8-10℃ increase in temperature. This does not mean the wine is cooking simply that it is maturing faster.
  • Lower sulphur wines will be impacted more significantly by temperature as chemical reactions in the bottle shift from being reductive (without the presence of oxygen) to oxidative (in the presence of oxygen).
  • Optimal storage conditions rest between 10-20℃.

What we don’t know:

  • Unfortunately, the scientific studies I have found did not run experiments at temperature ranges to help us clearly define acceptable maximum temperatures and period of time at those temperatures for the transport of wine to ensure we can avoid damaging it.
  • It is very difficult for a consumer or expert to assess the impact of exposure to heat without a control. With experience, you can learn sensory indicators for a wine that has been ‘cooked’.

About Couriers in Australia

  • Courier companies are a hot topic (pun intended) amongst wineries and wine retailers.
  • No matter which one you use there’s always a challenge at some point and their standards are constantly shifting up and down.
  • As the Customer this is not your responsibility. If there are ever any problems we’ll take care of them.
  • There are currently no economical freight options for temperature controlled shipping of wine.
  • Courier fleets typically do not air condition the cargo hold of their vehicles.
  • Vehicles can heat quickly on even moderately warm days, just look at all those stat’s about leaving kids in cars!

Can I specify a delivery day or time?

We currently can not provide a specific day or time for delivery.

Our couriers deliver between the hours of 9am to 6pm weekdays excluding public holidays.

If you are worried no one will be able to receive your wine a great alternative is to have your wine delivered to a business address.

Can you call on approach?

Sadly we can’t call on approach at the moment.

Do I have to be home to receive my wine?

No, but, your wine must be received by a person 18 years old or over. Wine can not be left unattended.

If no one is there to receive the wine our courier will leave a card for you to organise re-delivery or may leave your wine at a nearby collection point.

If your wine is left at a nearby collection point you’ll have up to 5 days to collect it before it is returned to us. Take your delivery card and photo ID with you when collecting your wine.

A great alternative is to have your wine delivered to a business address.

Do you deliver to Australia Post facilities?

We can deliver to Post Offices, PO boxes, locked bags, parcel lockers or parcel collect locations.

However, an extra fee may apply as these are more expensive for us to deliver to.

A great alternative is to have your wine delivered to a business address.

Can I pick-up my wine?

Unfortunately our liquor licence does not allow customers to pick-up wine from our premises.