About Us

WINE DECODED™ Started 40 years ago when I was just 2 years old!


Simple recipe really!

A party + very generous guest + a glass of champagne left on my highchair = An empty glass when they returned!

A spark ignited & nurtured touring the wine regions of Australia on family holidays. A bonfire lit studying winemaking & then making wine at DeBortoli’s, Yering Station, Yarra Yering, Domain Bernard Moreau et Fils, Champagne Devaux, Legras et Haas, in Margaret River, Moldova & now for WINE DECODED™!

WINE DECODED™ is more than just a winery, more than just a bottle shop…

It's the Ultimate Wine Playground!

Sharing Everything that’s Good about Wine! The Most Important Ingredient is YOU! We want you to come play! Join us & be part of a community that loves wine just as much as you.


I Love Wine!

Drinking it!
Talking about it!
Making it!

Few things bring me more pleasure than a shared table, plate and glass!

My Dad Is To Blame!

I’ve got my Dad to thank for my first true passion – Wine. When I was a kid in the 70’s & 80’s we used to spend our holidays touring the wine country of Australia. Coonawarra, McLaren Vale, The Clare, Central Vic, Rutherglen. My big Sis and I would drink red cordial and lemonade while the folks sniffed, slurped and occasionally spat their way through the latest cellar door offerings with eccentric winemaker who just loved sharing wine wisdom.

Eventually we got our own little glasses, then big glasses, then bottles!

With wine in my blood the next step was to get a hold of some grapes and make some for myself. After a couple of years studying Winemaking at The University of Adelaide, Roseworthy it was time to kick out my first couple of wines: a Chardonnay and (believe it or not) a Zinfandel! A rare find in Australia to be sure.

Then it was on to the The Winemaking Years.

My Wine Philosophy

I love Wine that is just begging you to drink it! Wine with personality!

Wine that you can drink with a lamb chop! Genuine, individual wines, that are authentic and represent the time (year it was made), place (vineyard) from where they were made, NOT heavy handed intervention from winemakers. Wines that you smell and can’t quite pick out any individual aromas, but every time you smell them you smell something different, layered, fresh, seamless, yummy. Wines that are harmonious, beautifully textured (feel great when you slosh them around your gob), have flavours that linger.

Nothing beats sharing a table, plate and glass of Filthy Good Vino in the company of good friends… or scaly mates.

At the end of the day, IT’S JUST A LUBRICANT! It’s on the table to wash down food and lubricate the conversation. There’s nothing worse than pontificating about wine or wine wankery.

The worst thing a wine can be is BORING.

Wine is different for everybody, some people can’t stand it (more for me) others just can’t get enough of it. Like so many things in life wine can take you on a journey … I know, I know, sounds like I’m being a wanker, but bear with me. This comes from the heart and from the experience of having taken a pretty big wine journey with many shared bottles still to come! If you choose to take a wine journey, you can get so much more out of wine than simple lubrication. The fantastic thing about wine is that you can start anytime. Apparently, I started when I was 2 years old!

Two signs that you're drinking Filthy Good Vino

You haven’t even noticed that you’ve drunk half the bottle and you’re ready to drink the other half NOW.

Your chosen brew is going down beautifully with a lamb chop (or whatever you’re eating).



Drink what you enjoy drinking! It doesn’t matter if it comes in a bag in box or $1,000 bottle (hopefully you can afford it) as long as you’re having fun!

Before you knock it: SNIFF IT, LICK IT, TASTE IT at least twice!

Try something different as often as you can. There’s so much joy to be had from the tens of thousands of wines made around the world it would be a shame to miss out on a Filthy Good Vino experience.

Always look for the good things before finding the faults!

Share it! Wine is just better with friends!

Filthy Good Vino courses through my veins. More than 3 decades playing with wine, working with the legends of the Wine World, squishing grapes, turning them into liquid gold saw to that. I love wine that is just begging you to drink it! Wine with personality! Wine that you can drink with a lamb chop!