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WINE DECODED™️ Tips for Being Awesome

Paul Kaan Profile Pic Reflection in wine 600x559Because we’re a community of wine lovers and that’s something that is really important to us we’ve also created our Community Guidelines. It’s all just about being human, respecting each other, trying new things, staying safe and sharing the good stuff with the community and your friends.
Cheers, Paul Kaan – Chief Wine Hacker, WINE DECODED™️.

Try new things.

Be fearless & try new wines. They unlock the possibilities for the Ultimate Wine Playground.

Share what you know.

Everyone is a teacher and a learner. Contribute to Wine Decoded by sharing your expertise. It can be anything!

Don’t be a jerk.

It’s never cool to make someone feel bad. Act like a jerk and we’ll have no choice but to feed you corked wine for the rest of your life.

Consumption of Wine in Moderation

Wine has been produced and consumed in Australia for centuries. It’s part of our cultural and gastronomic heritage. Here at WINE DECODED™️ we want to both build on and protect this heritage. We are advocates of consuming wine in moderation. It’s the best way to get maximum pleasure from your chosen bottle of Filthy Good Vino and ensure no harm results from the abuse of alcohol.

“Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used” – William Shakespeare

Enjoying wine to its fullest.

Understand the wine you drink: knowing where its unique character comes from makes drinking the more pleasurable. Drink slowly: take the time to savour the wine’s distinctive taste. Accompany wine with good food: enjoy wine that complements your meals, alongside a glass of water. Regular consumption of small amounts of wine is preferable to binge drinking large amounts on a single occasion.

Recommended Consumption

Up to 2 drink units a day for women. Up to 3 drink units a day for men. No more than 4 drink units on any one occasion. A drink = 100ml of wine at 12% = 60ml of fortified wine at 20%

Abusive Consumption is harmful.

Alcohol-related harm resulting from hazardous alcohol consumption is of serious concern, as it is one of the main causes of premature death and avoidable disease. It also has social consequences, both for the drinker and for others in the community.

Tips for preserving wine.

Drink bottles of yumminess over several days! It’ll help you get the most from your wine. Use our Tips & Tricks to save left-over wine and stop you having to pour it down the sink!

More Info.

You can get more info on safe consumption of alcohol from the Australian Governments, National Health and Medical Research Council’s “Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol”.

Pregnant women should avoid alcohol.

Heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages in pregnant women can cause malformations of the embryo and their offspring may exhibit symptoms of foetal alcohol syndrome. This is the reason why alcoholic beverages should be avoided during pregnancy.

Posting & Social

Give feedback.

Leave constructive feedback or ask interesting questions.

Don’t be a troll.

Trolls are members who start arguments and upset people. Trolls will be banned from the community.

Don’t spam.

Spamming is when you post comments that are irrelevant to the topic. This includes announcements and requests to be followed.

Respect Privacy.

The Internet is a wild place. To keep everyone safe don’t share personal information in public forums.


Keep personal stuff private.

If you don’t want everyone to know, don’t share it.

Don’t share any password.

You should never share your password with anyone. Wine Decoded Staff and Moderators will never ask, either.

Flag inappropriate comments.

Also, don’t take matters into your own hands and respond to negativity with more negativity. Let Moderators take care of it.

Report troublemakers.

Report anyone that is rude or infringes upon you or someone else’s privacy. Contact WINE DECODED™️ via the Contact Page or email us directly at [email protected].