Mini World Tour ?

Wine Decoded White Wine World Tour #1

Perfect Summer Drinking! Travel the World with Grüner, Albariño & yes, a Real Sauvignon Blanc! ✈️

Plenty of heat yet to come this Summer! Keep yourself cool! Grab, some fun whites. All unique, all yummy, fantastic flavours, and, textures with aromas that tease.

1x6 pack $130, 2+ $120ea

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What's In the Box?

Why are these Wines so Yummy?

🇪🇸 If you’ve never tried Albariño get you laughing gear around this bad boy. Rìas Baixas in the North West of Spain it’s just seriously yummy. Drinkability factor is insanely high. Texture and finish charm, flavours delight.

🇦🇹 Both the Loimer Grüner and Riesling are exceptional wines. The Grüner is ready to rock now and for a long time. There is an incredible purity about the Loimer wines. Some of the Grüner is fermented in Quevris, earthen ware jars burried up to their necks!

🇫🇷 There is so much overpriced, ordinary Kiwi (and Aussie) Sauvignon Blanc on the market. The Frog’s have got one up on us with this one. My strike rate for Savvy B that I’d drink is probably the lowest of any variety. This one, well, it’s good, bloody good. Everything’s in the right place. Enjoy!