Oppulent, delicous, loads of personality!

Vajra Langhe Rosso 2017

Year in year out Vajra make great wines, they seem to have a real touch for finding the sweet spot. The Langhe Rosso is the perfect intro to their wines.

Vajra is one of those guys that pushes the boundaries. Not afraid to plant Pinot or Riesling, yet still making wines that are a great expression of their vineyards. Would I say this is a typical wine from Piedmont, probably not. It is, very bloody good. Predominately Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. Smaller quantities of Freisa, Albarossa, Pinot noir. This is a very together wine with juicy plum and spiced fuit. Great harmony, fine acid, soft supple tannins. Beautiful élévage. Fun wine & just a great drink.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

We had the great fortune to spend an afternoon with Guiseppe this year. His passion, and, his families passion, thoughtful, and, humble approach to their work is inspiring.

Listen to 🎧Giusseppe explore the history of Barolo, the estate, and, the wines.

Words from Giuseppe & Isidoro Vaira

Our Langhe Rosso is a hug from Piedmont. It’s an invitation to explore its different varieties and to get to know its personality. From young vineyards, it is a fruity delicately complex wine: an ideal companion at the table.

VARIETY: Predominately Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. Smaller quantities of Freisa, Albarossa, Pinot noir.

“The best match is the one where each player contributes his own talents to the game. That’s why when I think about Langhe Rosso I imagine a soccer team! Nebbiolo is the team captain, it emerges for its structure and elegance. Barbera has got personality and enthusiasm, while Dolcetto supports the team with its fruit and freshness. Freisa….is like Gattuso…decisive, but never lets down the guard. Albarossa is the goalkeeper: even though we do not notice him, without him you cannot play. And then Pinot, the playmaker: capable and quick, a real expert in dribbling, who, with his style, brings adrenaline to the match. All together they are a dream team.” Isidoro Vaira

About Vajra

Vajra is one of those producers that, across their range, manages to deliver sophisticated, fun wines that are great expressions of fruit. Thankfully, unlike many, Giuseppe understands restraint and oak!

“I try to make wines that give people joy. In the past wine was a food, it was necessary for sustenance. Today that is not the case, we choose to drink for pleasure. I want to make wines that bring people happiness.” Aldo Vajra

The Vajra family has quietly amassed a serious collection of vineyards that make them one of Piedmont’s larger, family-owned estates, something they have accomplished while maintaining the already high level of their entry-level wines. Every wine in the range is absolutely delicious and full of personality. I can’t recommend these new releases highly enough. Antonio Galloni

Where in the world does the magic happen?

G.D. VAJRA, Via delle Viole, Barolo, Province of Cuneo, Italy