Nature is a tough taskmaster. Alex shares a depth of insight rarely explored. Just how do the best winemakers deal with tough vintages? What goes through their brains? How far ahead do they need to think?

You’ll hear Alex talk of the unknown, of thinking 3 years ahead in the vineyard, and, of the choices needed when your vineyard produces just two barrels instead of 12. The footage is ordinary, the words authentic.

Below there are some incredible shots of Chablis during a frost taken by Aurélien Ibanez.

Across vineyards in France it is common for oil pots to be lit, heating the air when there is a risk of frost. They also use igantic fans that circulate the air mixing the warm with the cold, helicopters doing the same, and, sprinklers spraying the vineyards creating icicles on the vines that stop delicate tissues going below zero degrees, where damage will be devastating.


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