Stefano Lubiana

These are not Burgundies, they are not Chablis, they are exceptional Australian Pinots and Chardonnays with their own personalities!

Whether the Pinot or the Chardonnay the elements that impressed were undoubtedly those that are hardest to achieve: seamless fine texture with divine acid, that perfectly from vibrant fruit of complexity. The flow and shape of these wines on palate is seriously impressive.

The cooler climate also helping achieve lower alcohols.

Stefano Lubiana wines was established by Steve and Monique Lubiana in 1990. Proud members of fifth- and sixth-generation winegrowing family, Steve was inspired by his family’s background in wine to pursue his own winemaking; his father Mario grew vines and made wine in Souther Australia, and their ancestors in Italy before that.

Leaving the sultry climes of South Australia, Steve and Monique moved to Tasmania in search of a cool-climate region where they could grow and make premium wines, with a particular focus on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 30 years on, their Stefano Lubiana label has earned a reputation for expressive, high-quality wines cultivated from biodynamically grown vines on their Derwent River estate.

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Stefano Lubiana ‘Estate’ Chardonnay 2019

Chardonnay | Tasmania, Australia

Stunning. The texture here is divine. Refined with a delicacy to the long seamless line of acid. Superb flavour profile of ripe lemons & citrus oil, white nectarine, a little green apple, light honey, nutty wild ferment / solids with supple creaminess. Such great drinking.
$69ea in any 3+
$66ea in any 6+
Incredibly Elegant!

Stefano Lubiana Pinot Noir 2019

Pinot Noir | Tasmania, Australia

Superb expression right out of the gate, whilst it will offer much much more with time. Excellent depth and length with layer after layer of flavour. The energy of the fruit is balanced with a darkness, spiced and an intriguing sappy hint. The acidity and tannin marry well offering up a fine long structure.
$69ea in any 3+
$66ea in any 6+