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2018 base with 50% reserve wines from the previous three vintages. Together with Suenen’s single-vineyard offering (La Cocluette), these represent the only pure Oiry wines on the market. This is drawn from just 1.5 hectares split between five separate parcels. The vines are all planted in Oiry’s compact, white Campanian chalk soils. From Le Champ Braux planted in 1955 to La Cocluette planted in 1987 and 1999, the average age of the vines is now 45 years. These vineyards lie at the base
$156ea in any 3+
$149ea in any 6+
Suenen is making wines of incredible purity. The Oiry (the village from which the wine is made) has divine intensity and purity. Aurelien has nailed the balance between freshness and development blending the base 2016 wine with its and freshness and crunch, and, reserve wine made from the previous year 2013, 2014 & 2015 blend. The aged wines bringing a lovely harmony and richness. Layering in complexity. It has salinity and acid tension with generosity from the reserve wine. This is an impre
$157ea in any 3+
$150ea in any 6+
The C + C Blanc de Blancs is blended from nine parcels across both north and south-facing hillsides in Cramant and Chouilly. Here the soils are deeper, with silty clay overlying the chalk. This, with a good dose of southern exposure, makes for a much more hedonistic wine. The blend is split between Cramant (70%) and Chouilly (30%). Although tempted to bottle each village separately, Suenen has found the two villages work even better as a blend: the textural finesse of Cramant marrying perfe
$184ea in any 3+
$177ea in any 6+