Finally! A Prosecco we can Back!

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Adami Prosecco “Garbèl” Brut DOC Treviso

Glera from Treviso, Veneto, Italy


$25ea in any 6+
$22ea in any 12+
Closure: Cork
Real Prosecco, with flavour, great aperitif style, fresh, crisp, not hiding behind sugar, it's got the fruit to back it!


Prosecco is easy to find. Good Prosecco, that’s another matter all together! I’ve lost count of the number of bottles of “Prosecco” I’ve poured down the drain. It got to a point where I was starting to second guess myself. Finally, in the search of Prosecco worthy of the Wine Decoded Community, I found this baby! No second taste required it got the green light in under 20seconds.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

The suggestion is that Garbèl translates to “dry and crisp, pleasantly tart.” For me there are a few things that sets the Garbèl apart from the crowd (that went down the drain).

It’s got length and depth of fruit, both for the aroma and flavours. It doesn’t have to rely on sugar to trick you into thinking it’s got

It doesn’t have to rely on sugar to trick you into thinking it’s got flavour.

It’s got more fizz, many lesser Prosecco’s have low amounts of fizz often giving their bubbles a coarser feeling in your mouth. At 4.8-5 bar this ones closser to Champagne levels of fizz and it makes a real difference to both the persistence of the bead, how long the bubbles last in the glass, and the mouthfeel. The long slow second fermentatioin and cool temperatures is similar in spec to a Champagne bottle ferment at 40days and 15-17°C. Again the Champenois use this to deliver a finer texture from the bubbles.

Beyond all of this, it’s just fun!

The grapes are sourced from Adami’s own established vineyards in the quality hilly parts of the region.


Where in the world does the magic happen?

Via Rovede, 27 - 31020 Colbertaldo di Vidor - Treviso