Tasting ferments is tough. They’re, too hot or too cold, sweet, fizzy, and, mirky.

All of this impacts the taste and particularly texture of the fermenting wine making it hard to assess it, particularly the texture.

When we’re assessing ferments prepare samples to make sure we can get the most from tasting them.

The Wine Decoded Tiny Winery doesn’t have all the pro equipment larger wineries have so we have to go ghetto style.

We strain them through a tea strainer, allow them to settle, decant them into a glass, and, shake the to get rid of all the carbon dioxide that makes them fizzy.

Usually, by then, the sample has cooled or warmed enough to be a more sensible temperature for tasting.

Combined this gives us the chance to do a much better assessment of the wine and make informed decisions about what we’ll do next.

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