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Massena Eden Valley Stonegarden Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2017

Red Blend from Eden Valley, South Australia, Australia


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Closure: Cork
The Stonegarden blend only has a small percentage of Shiraz and Mataro in it, wow, it works. This wine has great harmony and loads of energy. Delicious!


The two Grenache dominant blends are stunners. Again two different styles. The quality of the Stonegarden vineyard shines through with this wine.

There is a reason vignerons have been blending these varieties together for so long. They really do complement each other beautifully each variety adding a little something. Perfume, spice, fine tannin from the Grenache, richness and generosity from the Shiraz, earthy, savoury flavours and structure from the Mataro.

👀Watch or 🎧listen to our Wine Maker Session with Jaysen below as he explores the two wines.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

Funny when you meet someone and there’s kind of an instant gel. Jaysen Collins is one of those people. He’s making some tasty vino. Pushing to do the things we love at Wine Decoded. If you’ve experienced the parts of the Wine Decoded Tasting Revolution that we’ve published so far you’ll know we love wines with great Depth & Length, Balance & Complexity, Freshness & Development & Texture & Personality. Jaysen is achieving all of these things. Doing that in the Barossa takes deep thought and a significant amount of experience. Get it wrong and you end up with flat, alcoholic, boring wine.

With a splash of Adelaide Hills fruit coming into play he’s making a tasty range of wines under the Massena and JC’s Own labels. We spent an hour with him talking all things vino. Next time we’re doing it over dinner and drinking not tasting! Check out the videos, podcasts and of course the wines below.

This is a great opportunity to drink wines in Context & with Contrast. Pair up the Grenache, GSMs and Shiraz just as we did in the films 🎥 below!

About Massena & JC’s Own

Like so many in the industry Jaysen caught the wine bug by osmosis. Growing up in the Barossa it was inevitable that he’d be exposed to grapes and the odd glass of red. One thing led to another, and during vintage in the Clare with Dan Standish they hatched a plan to buy some Grenache and start making their own wine under the Massena label.

Years later Jaysen started JC’s Own, an outlet for him to push the boundaries, experiment with ideas gleaned from disruptive influences working vintages overseas and observing the wine world.

Undoubtedly part of the more recent wave of Barossa producer evolving styles focusing on freshness, élévage and texture in wine. He’s extended his reach to the Adelaide Hills making wines that show a wonderful contrast to the Barossa versions.

👀Watch or 🎧listen to our Wine Maker Session with Jaysen as he shares 20 years of experience that has lead to this current crop of wines and talks of what’s next.

6 Episodes 🎥 to Enjoy!

Where in the world does the magic happen?


Eden Valley
South Australia