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Domaine Thierry Laffay Chablis 1er ‘Vaillons’ 2021

Chardonnay from France, Chablis, Burgundy


$89ea in any 3+
$85ea in any 6+
Alc: 12.5%
Closure: Cork
The most mineral of the 1er's


The funk. Is there again. The cut is there, the step up in acid with the more linear elegant fruit and power over the top. There is something here that gives me a feel of Brézé / Savennieres Chenin from the Loire Valley. A little quince thing happening, baking spice, super chalking acid and a little phenolics offering cleansing texture. Plenty of length to follow. 

A note on the 2021’s: The 2021 Laffay’s are a blast from the classically styled Chablis of the 1970’s with lower alcohols, cutting acidity with wonderful transparency, complexed by balanced & intriguing funky reduction. Tank fermented & aged with the exception of the Grand Cru Vaudésir. They have excellent development with freshness, no puppy fat. Some wise winemaking clearly at play. These make for a great comparison with the richer 2020’s. A matter of celebrating the differences between the two years, & enjoying two styles with the same overarching philosophy of making grape-first wines of energy & personality.

“A narrow nose but of interesting, inviting, depth. Hmm – a wine that washes over the palate – plenty of acidity but never sharp – this I could already drink today. Lovely!”

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

About Domaine Thierry Laffay

Established in 1978, this small high-quality under-the-radar Domaine has been managed by Thierry Laffay since 1985. Laffay farms 7 hectares of vineyards over seven excellent appellations.

We don’t have lot of info about Thierry, what we do have is a row of glasses full of tasty vino! That’s what we’re sticking with!

Laffay’s wines are steeped in the typicity of the terroir thanks to simplicity and limited handling. The Laffay wines display the taut, rocky and steely Chablis classism of yesteryear, not dissimilar to the wines of Vincent Dauvissat who I have been visiting annually since 1995

Euan McKay


In the Vineyard

They are mostly organic citing that their viticultural practices are those of reasoned cultivation, lutte raisonnée, being scrupulously applied avoiding systematic treatments and intervening only in the event of a major disease risk. Vine age averages between 40 and
50 years, grapes are harvested by hand.

In the Winery

Indiginous yeasts commence fermentations; the wines are aged for a minimum of 9 months in stainless steel or enameled steel vats (3 small vats). After the alcoholic fermentation, the wines remain on the lees and resume malolactic fermentation the following spring.

Where in the World is Domaine Thierry Laffay?

Domaine Thierry Laffay is based in Chablis with several Grand Cru and Premier Cru holdings.

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Where in the world does the magic happen?

Domaine Thierry Laffay