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Burlotto Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

Nebbiolo from Verduno, Piedmont, Italy


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Closure: Cork
Harmony is the one word to describe this wine! Everything in it's place and a place for everything, and, there is lot's of things!


This is a very sophisticated wine, with bags of personality. Bold tannins, some might few them as slightly rustic. I love them, they’re gagging for a steak! Complemented by a lovely, feminine perfume, spice, and vibrant fruit, like all good wines, vibrancy and purity shine through.

If you want a traditional style vs a modern style this is your traditional and a perfect example. Crack one, drink it over a few night to watch it evolve, or, give it a good splash in a decanter.

I while ago I wrote an article about the 2013 Vintage in Barolo and Barbaresco with a few tips about getting ahead of the curve by tasting Langhe Nebbiolo a couple of years ahead of the Barolo & Barbaresco releases. It’s a great way to gauge the quality of a vintage.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

About Burlotto

During his seventy-seven years as a winemaker (1850-1927) achieving superstardom in a world dominated by French wines. Today, Burlotto has re-emerged as one of Piemonte’s great small producers, thanks to the brilliant and highly traditional winemaking of G.B.’s great-great-grandson, Fabio Alessandria.

He pioneered selling Barolo in bottle (not cask or demijohn), predating even Giacomo Conterno’s Barolo Monfortino. And as official supplier to the Royal House of Savoy—which once ruled Piemonte—he not only achieved personal fame, he made his village of Verduno as renowned as Serralunga or La Morra.

Fabio Alessandria’s session with Galloni is a great listen. Fascinating to hear the familial relationship between GD Burlotto, Fratelli Alessandria, and Castello di Verduno perhaps the top 3 producers based in Verduno.

In the Vineyard


In the Winery

The 2018 Vintage at Burlotto


Where in the World is Burlotto?

Burlotto is one of two producers who made their name in the Commune of Verduno in the northern reaches of Barolo.

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The 2018 Langhe Nebbiolo is a very pretty, lifted wine. Sweet tobacco, cedar, mint, licorice and crushed raspberries are some of the nuances that give the 2018 its lovely inner perfume and sensuality. This is an especially aromatic style.

Antonio Galloni

Where in the world does the magic happen?

COMM. G.B. BURLOTTO di Marina Burlotto, Via Vittorio Emanuele II, Verduno, Province of Cuneo, Italy