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We’ve made wine at Yarra Yering, Yering Station, DeBortoli’s in Burgundy & Champagne!

… and now WINE DECODED™️!

  • Get your hands dirty

    Numbers are mega limited

    Join the Bathtub Winemaking Project Stomping Grapes & Making Filthy Good Vino!

Tresna & Shane Pressing the Bathtub Cab Vintage 2015

Question: Do you want to get a bit dirty, have a lot of laughs, make some wine?

Answer: YES!

We can’t wait to get in on the action again!

Tresna L & Shane F

A Message from our Founder, Paul Kaan - Chief of WINE DECODED™️

Filthy Good Vino courses through my veins.

27 years playing with wine, 15 years working as a Winemaker with gurus around the Wine World, squishing grapes, turning them into liquid gold saw to that.

Paul Kaan Profile Pic Reflection in wine 600x559

I love Wine that is just begging you to drink it!  Wine with personality! Wine that you can drink with a lamb chop!

I can’t wait to share WINE DECODED™️ with you!


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