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Definition of a ‘good bloke’! .. Paul Kaan passes! .. I’m in 37 C heat in country Victoria with gumboots on since sunrise, trying to work out at midday how much Cu & S chemical quantities to water to spray on an acre or so of vines .. I text Paul who used to be with Yarra Yering. When I do I find he is picnicking on the beach with his family and friends peacefully drinking and assessing Latitude and Longitude [Champagne] .. he texts me straight back with what is in my opinion, a close to genius method to solve my problem .. Paul now has his own business dealing in and selling premium wines and he helps others to understand and enjoy them.. his own Cabernet which I tasted from his vats is absolutely sensational!

Max H

A Message from our Founder, Paul Kaan - Chief of Wine Decoded

Filthy Good Vino courses through my veins.

27 years playing with wine, 15 years working as a Winemaker with gurus around the Wine World, squishing grapes, turning them into liquid gold saw to that.

Paul Kaan Profile Pic Reflection in wine 600x559

I love Wine that is just begging you to drink it!  Wine with personality! Wine that you can drink with a lamb chop!

I can’t wait to share WINE DECODED with you!


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