What an absolute pleasure to spend an all to brief session talking Etna, Passopisciaro, Nerello Mascelese & drinking a few of Passopisciaro’s Contrade.

When you hear of the wine history of Mount Etna, the renewal of ancient vineyards grown on flows it’s hard to imagine anyone ever deciding to climb up a hill to an altitude of 1,000m and plant a vineyard below an active volcano.

The results have been spectacular and over the last 20 years driven by producers like Passopisciaro, we have seen an incredible array of wines full of personality come from Mount Etna.

The Contrada we tried during this session showed a vintage in 2017 that has produced wines that a more approachable than the 2016’s, whilst having wonderful mouthfeel, great depth and length, and, that hallmark Passopisciaro harmony! The bottle of Guardiola I devoured after the session was stunning & the Rampante just devine drinking over the next couple of days!

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