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The French use the term élévage with reference to both wine and children! It translates to “A good upbringing” or bon élévage “Being well raised”.
For kids, this covers life before adulthood begins.

For wine it’s the ageing or maturation period of time following the initial alcoholic fermentation right up until the point of bottling. A good maker will be constantly tasting their wine and deciding what they can do to develop the wine. It may be that the wine could do with a little air through the process of racking to help bring it on, evolving the flavours and aromas from raw and primary to more sophisticated ones.

The wine might be looking a little tired and need a hit of sulphur to freshen it up.

The wine may have enough oak influence from newer wood and need to be transferred to another vessel.

It may simply be a matter of the status quo, patience and waiting.

Ageing, Maturation
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